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Respect Your Elders

Respect your elders


Connie Webb

I heard this saying since I was a little girl.

I was taught to respect my elders.

As a little kid, I didn’t fully understand what it meant, but now I see why.

Our elders are truly the gem of all societies.

From the loving Grandmother whose grandkids adore her;

From the elder neighbor who puts extra treats in your kids’ trick or treat bags;

And the loving Grandfather that goes to every little league game even with physical pains.

Then there is the elderly Aunt who teaches you how to tie your shoes and you learn right away when no one else’s method made sense.

There’s those elderly volunteers everywhere helping at hospitals, senior centers, schools, and so many other places.

Our elders need to be treasured and valued for the true gems they are.

They pass down their wisdom in so many ways through stories, writings, one on one talks, speeches, books and they are behind the scenes many times loving and supporting their families, friends, and community.

Let’s remember to respect our elders.

If you are not one today, one day you will be, and all will need your wisdom, too.


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The Ruby Ring

The Ruby Ring

Wore it so proudly

As it was my loving Grandmothers

Whose life was sadly cut short after falling backwards down a long flight of stairs.

I went to the funeral home only to pass out when I saw her in the casket.

I was only 17 and lost the most important person in my life.

As I wore this ring, with two diamonds shining on both sides of the brilliant ruby,

I always felt comforted. 

The ruby ring was something that “helped” to hold all my dear memories of Nana.

But then the pain of my severe loss, of the one person that I knew for sure loved me,

was too great at such a young age;

Especially with no one to comfort me as my parents were not available due to their alcoholism.

So I chose to run away from home, that never really was a “home”, a couple months after Nana died.

Due to the circumstances of my life on the streets,

My ruby ring was stolen and never to be returned to me.

I had a lot of bad things happen on the streets,

But having my ruby ring stolen was one of the worst.

I can still imagine it, though.

Imagine Nana wearing it proudly.

Remember how I wore it proudly,

And no one can ever take away my beautiful memories of Nana –

A Grandmother who truly cared about me,

Who comforted me,

Who made me laugh,

Who was always the brightest spot in a “family”  life filled with chaos, sadness and violence;

Whose presence on her visits made our house feel like a home,

And even though I no longer have her ring, that became my ring,

My Grandmother will always be treasured in my heart and mind forever,

And no one can ever steal that from me, ever.

By, Connie Webb – May 19, 2020

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Summertime at Zuma Beach

Summertime at Zuma Beach by Connie Webb

That fluorescent orange bikini, 

Baby oil rubbed in my skin,

To shoot for that magazine ad Coppertone tan.

Watching the tanned Lifeguards keeping an eye out for any dangers.

KHJ Radio playing the Beatles, the Monkees, Diana Ross and the Supremes on my store brand, tiny portable radio with the long antenna,

Getting so hot with that sunshine all over me;

Turning over on my stomach, and then back on my back, for an even tan –

So relaxing!


Four brothers run, from out of the ocean, telling me to join them as they shake water all over me and run away back to the cool water.

I might as well go in the ocean “now”.

I run back toward the boys and swim out far beyond the crashing waves to where they are headed, with that small tire tube lots of us take turns hanging onto,

While others of us dog paddle or float about.

We talk of all kinds of things out there in the ocean.

We dream of owning a house on the beach –

We are sure we will all be millionaires one day.


We start to think about riding the waves back to shore.

We all swim back together. 

Some of us catch the waves the right way

Coasting back to shore easily;

Others of us mess up and get tossed and turned every which way,

Holding our breath with all our might under those roaring waves almost sure we will drown,

But we make it back to shore enjoying the fact that we are ocean survivors.


We have our picnic lunch of warm store brand, peanut butter and jelly on white day old bakery Wonder bread.

Drinks are store brand warm root beer, cream soda or coca cola.

More sunbathing.

More 93 KHJ with the Temptations, Herman’s Hermits, Rolling Stones.

More watching the waves roll in and out.

More swimming.

More sunbathing.

Store brand potato chip time now with our warm drinks.

Seagulls begging nearby.

Sun starts to go down.

Our day is ending.

We compare our tans, or sunburns, feeling wealthy even though we are not.

We gather our meager belongings, hating to leave, but hopeful we will return soon.


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When I, Sometimes, Don’t Write

When I, Sometimes, Don’t Write




Connie Webb


When I, sometimes, don’t write,

It’s because I don’t want to tell you

About the emotional pain I am feeling.


I don’t want to tell you how it hurts to see a loved one hurting.

I don’t want to tell you how it is so stressful living on a low income with a disability.

I don’t want to tell you how difficult it is to have a mental health label.

I don’t want to tell you about my physical pain.

I don’t want to tell you about my PTSD label and Clinical Depression label.

I don’t want to tell you of the pain in losing a brother who was murdered when I was only 20 years old and he was only 18 years old.

I don’t want to tell you the pain of losing my Grandma, who fell backwards down a long flight of stairs to not survive it. I was only 17 at the time and I felt she was the only person who I ever felt really loved me for me.

I don’t want to tell you what happened to me as an 18 year old who ran away and lived on the Los Angeles streets homeless.


When I, sometimes, don’t write,

It’s because I don’t want to tell you

About the emotional pain I am feeling,

But now you know why

Sometimes, I don’t write. 


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The One Problem This Christmas by Connie Webb

The presents look lovely.

The egg nog looks great.

The gingerbread men look like they could dance.

I got a great man to date,

But there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom.


The china is grand.

Boy does the silver shine.

Love those Christmas phone calls.

The decorations of red and green divine,

But there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom.


The stockings so lovely.

The mantel with greens.

The smell of the pine boughs,

The best scent ever it seems;

But there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom

And I don’t know what to do,

But Merry Christmas everyone

Just hope you don’t have to poo.

(Posted here in 2011 and just re-posting this poem for the holiday season.)

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What Is Enough?

“What is enough?” is what I said,

before the pillow on my bed.

Is it enough to just succeed?

Or do some just and noble deed?

Is it enough to be the one

we love to see and admire some?

I asked myself some more this night,

before my room had no more light;

“What is enough?” is what I said,

when thoughts of


filled my head,

I no longer questioned.

By, Connie Webb – Written in 1996 and published in “The College of the Redwoods” Student Magazine



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Relationship Quote

I think my problem is I mostly just like really, really, nice people, but they are hard to find.  So I need to make an adjustment and learn to like people who are basically “kind of” nice or I never will have relationships with anyone.

Connie Webb 7/30/19

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Life Conclusion by Connie Webb

I have come to the conclusion, that in order to survive in life, and not be agitated or angered, I have to continually forgive a huge amount of insanity for my peace and sanity.

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Good at Breathing

Wasn’t good at playing the violin or the piano
Too shy to try out for cheerleader, tried for drill team, but didn’t make that
Never worked a job for that many months
But I was good at breathing.
My marriage didn’t work out
Raising two kids alone in poverty was hard
Many trying days and nights
But I was good at breathing.
Old age is upon me
Harder to get out of bed, but I do
My heart breaks for the way the world is
But I’m still good at breathing.
I won’t let life get me down
There are still many beautiful things to see
Many lovely moments to encounter
So I pray to stay good at breathing!
– Written by,
Connie Webb 2/27/17
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Almost Christmas – Christmas 2016


Election is over.

Not sure what is in store,

But it will be Christmas soon,

So will focus on family and friends.


Will enjoy the Christmas carolers,

The lit up festive store windows and homes;

The warm hot chocolate;

The bright colors of Christmas at every turn.


The warmth of a good heater with the bitter cold outside,

The gratitude for all the good in my life.


Election is over.

Not sure what is in store,

But it is almost Christmas,

And for now

I will focus on love and peace

And pray that will always prevail!

By, Connie Webb 12/22/16

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