Posted by: namesconnie | December 23, 2016

Almost Christmas – Christmas 2016


Election is over.

Not sure what is in store,

But it will be Christmas soon,

So will focus on family and friends.


Will enjoy the Christmas carolers,

The lit up festive store windows and homes;

The warm hot chocolate;

The bright colors of Christmas at every turn.


The warmth of a good heater with the bitter cold outside,

The gratitude for all the good in my life.


Election is over.

Not sure what is in store,

But it is almost Christmas,

And for now

I will focus on love and peace

And pray that will always prevail!

By, Connie Webb 12/22/16

Posted by: namesconnie | March 16, 2016

Ramsay’s Song


Ramsay is a cute little kitty cat;

He loves to play and he loves to bat;

He loves to bite and he loves to scratch,

But he doesn’t really mean it if he hurts you bad;

Yeah, he doesn’t really mean it if he hurts you bad.

By, Connie Webb 3/15/16 dedicated to my kitten, Ramsay.




Posted by: namesconnie | October 21, 2015

Thank you to my cat

On the movie “As Good As It Gets,”

Jack Nicholson said the woman he liked

Made him want to be a better person.

I say, “My cat makes me want to be a better person.”

Photo and poem by Connie Webb


Posted by: namesconnie | October 21, 2015

Okay, I was jealous

Okay, I was jealous

Of her and his attentions to her,

And her crackling hen laugh,

I do admit that,

But I am over it now,

After eating a bunch of pasta,

And watching music videos,

And playing with my cat,

And enjoying my freedom

Without the burden

Of having to turn into another

Crackling hen

Just to please him.

By, Connie Webb

Posted by: namesconnie | October 21, 2015

Another New Best Friend


Pouncing, stalking, cuddling

Hiding, creeping, sleeping

Curious, wondrous, beautiful

Hunting, playing, resting

Funny, cute, fluffy

Another new best friend.

Photo and Poem By, Connie Webb

Posted by: namesconnie | April 15, 2015


Good-bye little friend

Little family member of ours

We will miss you so

Miss your funny ways

Miss your cuddling by us

Miss you every day.

We will never forget you

You will be in our hearts forever

You gave us so much joy

Forget you, no not ever!

4/14/15 Good-bye to our beloved cat who lived to age sixteen. His little spirit is now flying free!

Posted by: namesconnie | January 29, 2015

How I “Got” Spirituality

As a kid,

I had this eerie feeling

that I would be snatched away

in a heartbeat

from the Scary One,

if I did “anything” wrong.


Maybe that is why

I just had to do “everything” wrong

perhaps as an unconscious test.


When I didn’t vanish,

the Scary One was no longer scary.

I finally felt safe,

even with all my wrongness.

By, Connie Webb

What if Growing Up
She Wasn’t …

Put down and made fun of and teased?
Told “You should have been put up for adoption like my mom told me to do”?
Made to feel like she was worthless?
Left with nightly tears to cry alone?
Noticed for what she did wrong instead of what she did right?
Told she was loved, but shown otherwise?

What if Now
She …

Notices what she does right?
Speaks to herself kindly and lovingly?
Encourages herself with positive affirmations?
Treasures and values herself?
Knows she is worthy and wanted here?
Never abandons or gives up on herself?
Comforts and nurtures herself?
Shows herself love daily, even when it is difficult to do?

What if?

By, Connie Webb

Posted by: namesconnie | January 14, 2015

Divorce Isn’t So Bad, When You Look Back Realistically

The best man at the wedding

was supposed to be her husband,

but him being “the best”

only lasted so long;

especially when things fell to pieces;

after years of them both being unloving toward each other;

where he was no longer the best man he could be,

and she was no longer the best woman she could be.

She looks back now,

viewing the whole situation;

as one where they both;

just lost their hope

that things could work out;

and they both just gave up even trying.

The day she left him,

even though it was a tough choice for her,

not only did she get her life back,

but he got his life back, too.

They now both could be their own selves,

without all that bickering, arguing and being unsatisfied

with one another.

Funny how when she looks back today,

she sees just how right it was that they broke up,

even though at the time,

it just felt like it was all so wrong and heartbreaking.

But the heartbreaking thing,

would have been

if they stayed together;

with them both being unhappy,

and both not being all they could be.

Perhaps now he can be the best man he can be,

and she can now be the best woman she can be.

So divorce isn’t always so bad,

when you look back


By, Connie Webb

Posted by: namesconnie | January 13, 2015


She woke up in the morning by herself
without anyone else’s moods or thoughts.
She could be herself now and not worry about a significant other.

When she woke up, it didn’t matter if her hair was messy,
or her breath wasn’t unrealistically minty fresh –
she didn’t have to worry about that.

At night,
she got the whole room and whole bed to herself.
She could read or watch anything on TV she wanted to
before she fell asleep,
and she didn’t have to worry about disturbing anyone.

Her life finally was really all her own
to do with as she pleased.
She could come and go without conferring with anyone –
freedom at its best.

Her meals were all to “her” liking;
Not having to people please anyone but herself.

So if she ever started to think,
she needed to be in a relationship again,
she would remember she didn’t “need” to be,
Because on her own she got to hog all the blankets;
she got to watch whatever movie she wanted to at the show;
she got to wake up in peace and serenity;
she got to go for long walks alone enjoying nature;
she got to be her true self more;
Than when she was a prisoner with him.

So don’t worry about her being single.
She is okay as she is, until she finds someone who is okay allowing her to be her and


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