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What Is Enough?

“What is enough?” is what I said,

before the pillow on my bed.

Is it enough to just succeed?

Or do some just and noble deed?

Is it enough to be the one

we love to see and admire some?

I asked myself some more this night,

before my room had no more light;

“What is enough?” is what I said,

when thoughts of


filled my head,

I no longer questioned.

By, Connie Webb – Written in 1996 and published in “The College of the Redwoods” Student Magazine



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Relationship Quote

I think my problem is I mostly just like really, really, nice people, but they are hard to find.  So I need to make an adjustment and learn to like people who are basically “kind of” nice or I never will have relationships with anyone.

Connie Webb 7/30/19

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Life Conclusion by Connie Webb

I have come to the conclusion, that in order to survive in life, and not be agitated or angered, I have to continually forgive a huge amount of insanity for my peace and sanity.

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Good at Breathing

Wasn’t good at playing the violin or the piano
Too shy to try out for cheerleader, tried for drill team, but didn’t make that
Never worked a job for that many months
But I was good at breathing.
My marriage didn’t work out
Raising two kids alone in poverty was hard
Many trying days and nights
But I was good at breathing.
Old age is upon me
Harder to get out of bed, but I do
My heart breaks for the way the world is
But I’m still good at breathing.
I won’t let life get me down
There are still many beautiful things to see
Many lovely moments to encounter
So I pray to stay good at breathing!
– Written by,
Connie Webb 2/27/17
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Almost Christmas – Christmas 2016


Election is over.

Not sure what is in store,

But it will be Christmas soon,

So will focus on family and friends.


Will enjoy the Christmas carolers,

The lit up festive store windows and homes;

The warm hot chocolate;

The bright colors of Christmas at every turn.


The warmth of a good heater with the bitter cold outside,

The gratitude for all the good in my life.


Election is over.

Not sure what is in store,

But it is almost Christmas,

And for now

I will focus on love and peace

And pray that will always prevail!

By, Connie Webb 12/22/16

Posted by: namesconnie | March 16, 2016

Ramsay’s Song


Ramsay is a cute little kitty cat;

He loves to play and he loves to bat;

He loves to bite and he loves to scratch,

But he doesn’t really mean it if he hurts you bad;

Yeah, he doesn’t really mean it if he hurts you bad.

By, Connie Webb 3/15/16 dedicated to my kitten, Ramsay.




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Thank you to my cat

On the movie “As Good As It Gets,”

Jack Nicholson said the woman he liked

Made him want to be a better person.

I say, “My cat makes me want to be a better person.”

Photo and poem by Connie Webb


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Okay, I was jealous

Okay, I was jealous

Of her and his attentions to her,

And her crackling hen laugh,

I do admit that,

But I am over it now,

After eating a bunch of pasta,

And watching music videos,

And playing with my cat,

And enjoying my freedom

Without the burden

Of having to turn into another

Crackling hen

Just to please him.

By, Connie Webb

Posted by: namesconnie | October 21, 2015

Another New Best Friend


Pouncing, stalking, cuddling

Hiding, creeping, sleeping

Curious, wondrous, beautiful

Hunting, playing, resting

Funny, cute, fluffy

Another new best friend.

Photo and Poem By, Connie Webb

Posted by: namesconnie | April 15, 2015


Good-bye little friend

Little family member of ours

We will miss you so

Miss your funny ways

Miss your cuddling by us

Miss you every day.

We will never forget you

You will be in our hearts forever

You gave us so much joy

Forget you, no not ever!

4/14/15 Good-bye to our beloved cat who lived to age sixteen. His little spirit is now flying free!

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