Posted by: namesconnie | October 11, 2011

Band-Aid Thoughts

Band-Aid Thoughts


 Connie Webb

“I need a Band-Aid, Mommy,” was heard often in those growing up years of carefree running around, jumping, hopping, playing and mistakenly bumping into things. Oh, the power of the Band-Aid! Sometimes the “booboos” were barely a scratch, but that tiny spec really needed a Band-Aid for everything to be okay. And then, of course, there was the parading around with the Band-Aid on – showing it to everyone from family, to friends and even  to the cashier at the supermarket. “Look I got a booboo, but Mommy put a Band-Aid on it. It’s just a little booboo, but be careful not to touch it or it might hurt me!”

I have often thought about Band-Aids as being a great way to show people where we hurt and to be careful and sensitive of that area on us.

There are those places we can’t see that hurt, though, in our minds. Times we are sad or angry may not show. But what if we had Band-Aids for our foreheads that told others how we were feeling? We could have “sad” Band-Aids that we put on our foreheads with a little sad face and perhaps people could treat us with more love and compassion. We could have “angry” Band-Aid’s with an angry face on them that could warn others we are on edge so they would know not to push our buttons and make us even angrier. We could have “bored” Band-Aids with a little photo of someone slumped down in a chair and maybe someone would take notice wanting to maybe do something interesting with us like play a fun game or go on an outing with us. We could have “happy” Band-Aids with that dastardly happy face on it so we would be able to rejoice in the happiness of the person with that Band-Aid or maybe that would just irritate us to see a bunch of people happy if we were not happy.

Emotions are often hard to read on people at certain times as some people have a great way of hiding exactly how they feel. Creating “Mind Band-Aids” to wear on our foreheads would take the guess work out of all that. Perhaps you could even get some kind of software to print out mood labels you could type out and print and attach to the Band-Aid with sayings like, “Mad at Husband,” on one of them, or “My Mom is driving me crazy,” on another one. What a good way this would be to get to know what was going on with us. You wouldn’t need Facebook, just your “Mind Band-Aid”. Perhaps the Band-Aid on your forehead would be a good way to parade around what was going on with you and it would make it easier for people to relate to you and you relate to them. All you would have to do would be to just check out their “status” on their daily “Mind Band-Aid”.

Well, now that I think of it, it really is nobody’s business what the “status” is of how you are doing unless of course you want someone to know it personally. And that is why this whole “Mind Band-Aid” idea is just ridiculous. Kind of like the ridiculousness of Facebook “status’s”. Do you really want to know every minute detail of what is going on with me? Do I want to know every minute detail of your life? Do I need to know you are just waking up from a nap or going to sleep now? Do I need to know you are happy, sad, angry or bored? Do you need to know all that about me? No, you don’t. And no, I don’t!

We need our privacy! Privacy is a good thing. It is okay to not know what’s going on in all these persons’ minds. Isn’t it enough that we know ourselves all the stuff going on in our own minds? So that is why the mind Band-Aids wouldn’t work so well. And that’s why Facebook doesn’t work for me.

Back to Band-Aids. They are just best doing what they do, covering up a little booboo and our minds can just be what they are “our minds” with all our own private emotions, thoughts, feelings and us not having to parade all that around like a little kid with a booboo parading around their Band-Aid for all to see. So if you continue to wonder why I’m not on Facebook any longer, hopefully this explains it a bit. I am okay with not knowing every single mood you have and I am sure you are okay without knowing all that about me either.


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