Posted by: namesconnie | October 12, 2011

China Cups by Connie Webb

My Grandma (I called her Nana) had a collection of beautiful china cups. Each of her cups seemed to tell a story. Some had flowers on them, some had pretty little scenes and some had holiday themes. It was fun visiting her and getting to pick whatever cup I wanted to pick out for my delicious hot chocolate she would serve me as a little girl. One of my very favorites was a Christmas china cup with green holly and red berries on the cup and on the saucer. In the inside corner of this china cup is a little mini holly and berry scene, too. My mom made sure I got that cup when Nana passed away.

Each time I use that china cup, I remember back to the days when Nana and I spent time picking roses, playing Scrabble, enjoying meals and laughing together. I loved it at Nana’s house. She would set the finest table you ever saw complete with beautiful china cups!

Nana didn’t let just anyone help her wash the china cups for fear they would break them. She said my mom was too clumsy to wash them. She said my brothers just were not cut out for the job, but cheerfully said that I was and I felt so proud helping Nana wash her china cups. I enjoyed taking my time with each one as I knew how delicate they were and I loved Nana so much – always wanting her to be proud of me so much that I never, not even once, put a chip in those cups. Nana knew she could count on me and as a little girl that made me feel good about me.

I don’t have a huge collection of china cups today as my mom sold them all except for the cute little Christmas cup I loved, but I do have the china cabinet that was in Nana’s house. Each time I pass by it and glimpse the little Christmas china cup, I am so grateful I had a loving grandmother who knew how to make her only granddaughter feel special as only a grandmother like her could.



  1. This is lovely, and calls to mind my own Nana, who also made me feel special.

  2. This is lovely, and calls to mind my own Nana, who also made me feel special.Thank you.

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