Posted by: namesconnie | October 12, 2011

My Favorite Role – A Stay-at-home Mom

We all play different roles in life. Like for me I was a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, wife, pet owner and many other roles. But the best role I have had in life was being a a stay-at-home mom. Oh, I tried things like selling Avon, opening a secretarial service, photography, going back to college, but the best role I ever had was being a mom. My kids are ages 22 and 19 and now I have to look more toward what I want to do next in life. But I can’t really find anything with as much happiness, joy and laughter as I had being a mom. So what do I do now? How can I find other things better than blowing bubbles, playing with Play-doh, helping put together Halloween costumes, making sure I got to the bus on time with the kids? How can I find other things better than cute birthday parties with balloons and souvenirs and laughing kids? When I put out balloons for my daughter’s 18th birthday she did say it was quite babyish, so those days are over.

Our days at the beaches, the parks, the carnivals, how do you get better than that? The picnics, the ups and downs that we went through and got through them are well remembered and treasured.

I was a stay-at-home mom and I now need a new role and it will be hard to top this one, but it is worth a try. I want my grown kids to see me happy. So I continue to explore and I want to be happy, too. So my eyes and ears are open to new things.

I am actually enjoying some little arts and crafts even if they don’t turn out so great. I enjoy riding my bike on nice days. Maybe I just need to grow younger instead of growing older.

I was a stay-at-home mom, now I just have to find “me”. My son is planning on moving out by next month. He will be 23 in November. Works nine hour days in a field he enjoys. I am happy for him. It will then be my 19 year old daughter and I left at home. I asked her if it bothered her that her brother was leaving and she said, “No, I am okay with it. He isn’t moving that far!” So now I just have to get okay with it and I don’t want my son to see any unhappiness from me, so I am putting on the biggest acting of my life and being happy for him and his upcoming independence which of course is good for him, but of course I will miss him not living at home any longer.

This upcoming empty nest syndrome, well, I thought I could prepare for it. I started reading books about it years ago, thinking that would give me some insurance it would be easy. But I will just have to realize I will have emotions around this and realize I will go through whatever I do go through. So if you see me making some odd creation of just gluing magazine photos onto brown lunch bags as “gift bags”, at least know I am trying to be okay without having my stay-at-home mom role any longer. (I still will forever treasure the fact that I will always be a “mom” though, so if my kids catch be babying them even as they get older and older, they will have to realize the mom role is hard to shake and I don’t ever want to shake it!)


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