Posted by: namesconnie | October 25, 2011

Glasses by Connie Webb

I have worn glasses since I was a little girl. My mom had to keep getting me new pairs as she said I fed them to the dogs for them to chew them up, I threw them in the trash, I lost them or I hid them. “Where are your glasses?” my mom would sternly say. “I don’t know, Mommy” would be my reply. Most likely I did know what happened to them, but I had no interest in telling my mom where the offending spectacles went.

Those glasses pinched me behind my ears. The other little girls in schools looked much prettier without glasses. I wanted to be like them. When I looked at clothes for little girls in the catalogs that my mom got, I saw no photos of little girls in glasses nor big girls in glasses either. When I watched TV, none of the little girls wore glasses either. Not on any of my favorite TV shows or on the commercials. I just didn’t like glasses!

For years I had to deal with wearing them when I was around my mom. “Connie, where are you glasses? Go get them and put them on!” and off I would go to get them as I had reached a certain age where it was tough to lie to mom about where they were.

When I went to school, I tucked the glasses in my little purse that I brought with me. Then when I was on the way home, almost to the door, I would put them back on. I was glad I had nice little cases for them since they sat in the cases more than on my face.

I became a rebellious teenager and all bets were off that you would catch me wearing my glasses at anytime whether at school or at home. By that time my mom had just given up on me and whether I would wear glasses or not.

When I went to Business College, things changed for me. There I saw so many serious students wearing glasses. It was as if I would be a misfit without my glasses. So I went to a fancy shop and got a real nice looking pair. I had no problem wearing them. But when I would go out for dancing and drinks after college, off they would go into their little case.

I tried to get contact lenses, but I had a real hard time with the idea of poking myself in the eye daily. I just couldn’t do it. I can’t even do the glaucoma test without blinking as it is, so how am I to put contact lenses in!

So I am 54 and still stuck with my glasses. I don’t want laser eye surgery either as I am too chicken. But today, my glasses are much appreciated. I keep them on at all times except when sleeping. I have bifocals now and am just happy I can see to read. The eye doctor said I had 20/20 vision with the glasses on. I think that is great for an aging person like me. And today I treasure my glasses like gold. They no longer are this dreaded thing, and I am happy to be able to start my day with clear vision and instead of hating glasses or losing glasses, I am possibly losing some of all that vanity and that’s good as I certainly am not getting any younger.


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