Posted by: namesconnie | November 4, 2011


Connie Webb

The sensibility of children is amazing. They can figure things out so quickly at times. You are sad and a little child will offer you her blankie and that is exactly what you needed all along, your blankie, but of course your parents took it away from you. Why do parents have to take away our blankies?

Maybe that is why we all grow up dysfunctional. We lose productivity at work because people are turning to drugs, alcohol, and internet addiction, when in fact, they may just be craving their blankies.

It is no exaggeration to say that a blankie can calm down a child, why not an adult? Our environment can’t be cured by purchasing another SUV, but by retrieving our blankie. There is no need to rush around wasting gasoline and polluting our towns. If we had our blankies back we would be content to just stay home.

Think of all the economic advantages. We no longer would have to go junk shopping and purchase more and more to try and soothe ourselves. No longer would we have to worry about our checking account being overdrawn. We would have plenty of money because we would know that the one thing that really calms us is there by our side. You really don’t need anything else. You wouldn’t need tons of make up, a new wardrobe or fancy furnishings, your blankie would suffice. As far as relationships go, it really wouldn’t matter if your significant other was around or not, because your blankie is the number one thing that comforts you before anything or anyone else anyhow.

You may think I just have a bizarre imagination or I am crazy to write about all this, but when you are sad, and a little child offers you his blankie, it is an irresistible comfort to reach out for it. Just make sure you give it back!



  1. You are certainly not bizarre to write about blankies Connie. I enjoyed this post very much, it’s all true.

  2. Ahh so cute, I remember the blankie days 🙂 It was the cure all.

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