Posted by: namesconnie | November 4, 2011

Let There Be Enough For Everyone by Connie Webb

Let there be enough for everyone. Enough food, enough clothing, enough shelter, enough fun, enough happiness and enough love. Let there be no one left all alone and forgotten. Let there be a world where all are included. Where all have opportunities for education, good jobs, for entertainment and travel.

I met a homeless man selling a homeless newspaper for a buck outside a theater. He said, “I can’t remember the last time I got to go to a theater,” and of course that clenched the deal to at least give him the buck for the paper.

On my way home from the theater to my overnight stay in a “safe enough” hotel, an outstretched shaking hand asked me for some change and I quickly handed it to him and walked away fast.

When I got home, I read that homeless newspaper and how they give the newspapers to the homeless to sell on the streets as a way for them to make money. I thought about that at least being a good start in helping the homeless.

But what if there really was a society that shared all its resources with everyone instead of things being this have and have not world? What if everyone, everywhere, was safe at night in a soft warm bed? What if everyone got to sleep without the worry of a bomb thrown their way? What if we really were to practice the good things that we know are just and right?

Could we then have that nice world where we all care about each other? Where all people are your brother and sister who you love dearly? What if we really took to heart the words of the past great spiritual leaders? What if people were to “really” follow the deep spiritual truths they know? Or are all these spiritualities we learn and know turning into something like antique stones that will vanish into the earth without a trace to ever be found again? What if we all of a sudden could really awaken like we would if someone suddenly threw a firecracker our way and startled us? Maybe more of us need to be startled.

Maybe more of us need to face the truths of what is going on in the world. Maybe there needs to be no more secrets. People need to really share exactly what is going on in their villages, towns and cities. We need to see all of this and not be in so much denial. What if there was a website we could all post our truths on. Truths like how hungry persons are, how much the war is harming us, how much poverty is killing our great spirits and what if people actually listened and took actions to help?

If we can’t do this then at least let there be compassion, understanding and love in our own neck of the woods for our own families, neighbors, friends and even strangers.

Let there really be love. It can happen. It takes us all waking up to who we really are and what we are really meant to do while we are here. This can sound far fetched and not at all possible, but what if we, each one of us, tried to contribute in ways to society that we know could help, no matter how big or how small. Let there be at least a start to all of us doing what we can do to better society rather than just not doing anything. Let there be you and me being enough and doing enough so we all can have enough. Let there be enough for everyone.


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