Posted by: namesconnie | November 4, 2011




Connie Webb

Well, the number one advantage is the money saved. No more having to put up with high gasoline prices, no more DMV fees, no more insurance fees, no more tickets for speeding and no more worrying about fixing your car when something goes wrong.

But there are many other advantages. For one, have you ever felt like just not answering your door? Well, if you don’t own a car, people won’t know whether you are home or not. Usually if you own a car visitors may say, “Hey, they are home, look their car is there.” Without the car, you leave people up in the air as to whether you are home or not.

Now about going around town. When close neighbors know your car, they can say, “Oh look, there is Harry’s car, let’s go in to that store and say hello to him.” There goes Harry’s day alone with his mistress and the awful explaining he will have to do to his wife when she finds out from the nosey neighbors who spotted him. Without the car, you eliminate that trouble.

Another advantage of not owning a car is aggravation. Can you count the times you have had your mini road rages and wanted to get out from behind that wheel and clobber someone? Without a car, you become a bit more at peace.

Or what about the times when it breaks down in the middle of a freeway or roadway? Isn’t that a time you wish you never even bothered being a car owner?

Now when you ride a bus, there can still be problems, but if a bus breaks down, another bus will be there shortly to help you, plus you have other passengers and the driver to talk with so it makes the wait not as unpleasant.

When you ride a bike, you can take some side streets and get to your destination sometimes even more quickly than cars do in heavy traffic. Plus you get good exercise in and safe money by not having to pay fees for a health club.
When you walk, you have the chance to slow down, see pretty flowers, enjoy friendly hello’s to people walking by and again you are doing something healthy for yourself.

On stormy days, you can just pass going out at all, because you don’t own a car and it is much warmer inside anyhow. You save yourself the risk of getting in an auto accident due to bad conditions on the road. So what if you have to make a box of macaroni and cheese instead of a fancier meal. The storm will end and you will be able to go out and get whatever you want. And a plus of modern society is online shopping anyhow and you can have groceries delivered right to your door. You can bank online, pay bills online and even work from home.

As you can see, you really don’t have to own a car. You can always rent a car in a pinch; take the bus, a taxi, the plane, the train, a ship or an airplane. And if there really is somewhere you have to get, but transportation is a problem, well, you can just skip it. There are enough things you “can” do without a car without worrying about the things you can’t do without one.

For those of you willing to give up your car, remember you have been a car addict for years and the withdrawal will be noticed, but after a while, you will wonder why you ever even fell for being a car owner. Happy walking.


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