Posted by: namesconnie | January 6, 2012

Early January on My Back Porch

I step out to some really fresh clean and cool air

with a blue sky and puffy clouds along with the sun shining brightly.

I feel a slight wind as I look up to see a raven flying by.

Purple daisies cover an area by my chair and I pick one and twist it around remembering my youth where I pulled off petals while saying, β€œHe loves me, he loves me not.”

Near me one of my cats is lying in the sun enjoying the tranquility.

There is deep green grass with morning dew on it by my other cat enjoying the shade.

A small airplane is seen in the distance flying over the ocean.

A big Fed-ex truck is turning around as I glance up over my well used wooden gate.

Carnation remnants from fall are still trying to bloom.

I see huge trees a few blocks over that are moving ever so slightly in the wind.

It is a quiet Friday morning.

I can hear a slight hum of cars on Main St.

As I see another raven flying by.

There is one calendula flower blooming and a couple geraniums, too.

The blackberry bushes lie dormant of blackberries, but I know they will be back soon enough.

And my favorite thing:

I hear lots of lovely little birds singing their favorite songs.

– By, Connie Webb on my back porch in Fort Bragg, California on January 6, 2012



  1. This is just so lovely! How beautiful the view on your back porch sounds. Good to see you posting Connie, we missed you! πŸ™‚

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