Posted by: namesconnie | January 10, 2012

Beach Days

Enjoying the scenery on a cliff overlooking the roaring ocean in Northern California, I take the time to notice things around me.

There are 3 foot waves rolling in and out.

It is early morning so the beach is bare except a young couple with their dogs walking down a trail to the beach to take in the tranquility together.

In the distance a jogger is jogging in place while looking at the deep blue ocean and sky.

I am up on top of a sunny cliff area with some pretty purple iceberg flowers blooming nearby.

I sit upon an old fallen down tree that makes a perfect bench.

The long deep green grasses are glistening with their morning dew upon them.

I breathe in the fresh ocean air – so clean and crisp.

Being raised in Southern California

The ocean and soft sand has always been a pleasure to me.

I can remember back to my beach days of youth –

Whole summers spent there

With body surfing throughout the day

And getting a deep, dark tan

While lying on my towel and

Listening to KHJ radios top ten songs.

Playing Frisbee with friends, laughing and joking around.

Today in my middle aged years

things are much quieter now for me.

Here in Northern California

The sand and beach

are a nice show.

I enjoy walking to the cliff areas and sitting down

just taking in the peace of it all.

For me there is no more swimming or tans or radios or games

But just the simple pleasure

Of breathing in and out

With the fine scenery in front of me

I can sit and watch seagulls, geese, ducks and pelicans fly by

I can sit and watch seals sunbathing on the rocks or swimming in the water

Or just sit and enjoy just being here

Like on this wonderful morning

Where I am feeling blessed to live in such natural beauty.

– Connie Webb 1/10/12



  1. It sounds quite beautiful and so relaxing. Wonderful writing Connie! 🙂

  2. I can almost hear the ocean 🙂 I just love the beach! I wish I could come visit for awhile 😉 I love this, it’s written so good 🙂 hugs, Autumn

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