Posted by: namesconnie | January 10, 2012

Empty Spools of Thread

I look upon the empty spool of thread and remember back to my days of working at a sewing machine factory. Before working there, I had so much fun sewing my own clothes of mini skirts, vests, and stuffed animals for my little brother along with mending clothes for my family.

Before working at that cold factory from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with only a half an hour break for lunch, sewing was something I really enjoyed. I enjoyed going through all the different colored spools of thread creating my creations. I would feel proud when I wore something I made.

It seemed only natural to take a job at the sewing machine factory. At my young age of eighteen, I thought it would be exciting. At first it was fun sewing straight lines all day on sashes I made for dresses. But day after day, it got to be so boring. I dreaded getting up for work. I dreaded the sound of the machines. I dreaded how we weren’t even allowed to talk to our neighbor except on our break. As I would sew straight line after straight line on boring fabrics, my mind would drift off and I just would space out most of the day not even realizing how much work I was creating daily. My boss said I ought to get piece work pay as I produced so much, but I preferred the security of knowing my wages thinking some days I would not complete as much work.

My days at the sewing machine factory did not last long. I was only there a few months. I can’t imagine someone working there for years. As I stare at the empty spool of thread, I think of all those poor souls stuck in sewing machine factories even now. That job was one that could have made me not ever sew again, but I wound up after years away from it, getting back to sewing up lots of fun projects again.

There were the cute Halloween costumes I made for my children where other moms would say, “Wish I was that ambitious,” as they looked upon my little kids creations and that made me feel good. There were the little puffed ornaments I made for my baby’s first Christmas that I kept for his toddler years and we didn’t have to worry about them breaking either. There was the sewn handmade quilt I made with denim from my husbands work jeans, denim from a maternity outfit, denim from no longer worn skirts of mine and denim from my children’s outgrown jeans. I still have that today and it brings back fond memories of the heavy patchwork quilt on the floor where my two kids sat and played.

My kids are grown adults now. I haven’t sewn for awhile, but maybe I can take it up again for fun to stave off the empty nest syndrome. Maybe empty spools of thread thrown around here and there (for the cats to play with) will somehow bring joy as I am retiring from my stay-at-home mom role. I will of course always be the kids’ mom and I love them dearly, but I will continue my search for a new role for me.

– By, Connie Webb 1/10/12



  1. I am glad you didn’t stay long at the sewing factory Connie. Sewing for fun and for the kids sounded much better. As you continue on your new search for a role for you, think of your writing. You bring such pleasure to those of us who read it! 🙂

  2. I agree with Gabby 🙂 You writing is so good, it’s a pleasure to read 🙂 As for sewing, our poor Mom tried over and over to teach me, I can sew a straight line now 🙂 hugs, Autumn

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