Posted by: namesconnie | January 24, 2012

A How To: Childcare with Humor

One thing with toddlers is to not turn your back on them. They are faster than a mother roadrunner chasing down a predator after her young. One second they can be silently playing with their toys and the next they can turn a well decorated room into an Early American Mess complete with spilled milk, cheerios or even a honey bear toppled over onto the carpet.

If you did make a mistake and turned your back on the toddler, when you return just laugh at it all. Whatever absurd situation you encounter – just laugh. It is the same with teenagers. You have to have the ability to just laugh at their “Duh’s” or “Whatever’s”.

With babies, remember that is actually the easiest part of childcare as they are not mobile yet so you don’t encounter as big of problems. Of course you walk around sleep deprived, but remember when the child is not mobile yet, it really is much easier.

Another thing about childcare is the middle school years where you as the parent will never be cool no matter how hard you try. And remember if your little daughter screams at you that she hates you, well, she does, but will get over it – eventually!

Back to teen years, their rooms will be like their hotel rooms with invisible do not disturb signs. Expect a scream anytime you knock.

Childcare isn’t always that easy, but if you’re still alive and able to smile and laugh daily – you know you can and will survive it all.

 ~ By, Connie Webb



  1. This is so well written, Connie and all so true 🙂 I loved when my daughter was a baby, and those teen years, hormones raging?? I did get a laugh though 🙂 I made it and so did she 🙂 hugs, Autumn

    • Thanks Autumn for your kind comment. Yes, I made it through my parenting, too, and blessed to have two grown kids who certainly taught me lots about life! Take care. Sincerely, Connie

  2. True, true! I don’t have kids but I work with them and must I tell you!!! … quite rewarding in the end though 🙂 Great post!

  3. I had to laugh at this one, too. Dave and I weren’t blessed with kids, but Autumn’s daughter and all the nieces and nephews! They all sure have their moments, I get treated better being the Aunt I do believe.

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