Posted by: namesconnie | January 24, 2012

Romance Doesn’t Always Last Forever, But Perhaps Diamonds Do

I was bought in a pawn shop by a young couple. I am a very sparkly and shiny ring. I have an intricate lacey type of a band called “Rose Garland” made out of white gold with a perfect looking diamond in the middle. Before this young couple bought me, I was taken here by an angry woman who used to love me. But she hated her husband and therefore wound up hating me, too. So when she divorced him, I wound up here in this dark and dreary pawn shop.

But now this adorable couple, who were so much in love, decided to buy me. I left the darkened shop to go with them. I was now being admired and loved. She really loved me and so did he. “Look at my wife’s wedding ring. It’s a flawless diamond, can you believe it?” he said with pride while asking his smiling wife to show off the ring to his buddies who visited.

I was happy living with the young couple. I loved how she admired me and how he did, too. There were days I went to the beach with them, out to dinner, to movies, visits with relatives, long road trips and Disneyland even! I saw two babies being born and even dachshund puppies being born. There were quiet moments in front of the fireplace. Days of laughter and joy. An addition built onto the house by him, the carpenter, with even a master bedroom which was cherished by the couple. The intimate moments this couple shared seemed to be like a fairytale marriage.

But then things fell apart. There was anger, yelling, fighting and crying. The young couple finally broke up.

I was worried what my fate would be. One day she even took me to another shabby pawn shop and asked the jeweler how much I was worth. Not again, I thought! The jeweler reassured her that I would be worth more if she just hung onto me for some years as he wouldn’t be able to give her what I was even worth at the moment.

I am not sure if that is why she kept me or if she actually has a soft spot in her heart for me. I rarely go on any travels or adventures with her, though. He has visited the kids through the years, but never mentioned she wasn’t wearing me. I wonder if he wonders about what became of me?

I still feel happy knowing she still wants me though for whatever the reasons. I am not hated by her. Why she even took me to another jewelers to be resized to fit her again. (I won’t tell anyone, but sometimes she just wears me for the fun of it.)

You know, I must still be loved after all because I no longer live in a depressing pawn shop, but I live in a heart shaped box tucked away nicely at her home. I used to think that diamonds were “not” a girls best friend when I was once hated so much, but now I know I have regained my good reputation especially when every now and again, she takes me out and puts me on and admires me.

She drifts back in time to the days when she was very much in love. She thinks about her wedding day and how he carefully put me on her finger. She remembers that long kiss on that special day when the Pastor said, “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride,” and her new husbands pals had to say, “Okay, okay, that’s enough. There is a reception to go to you know!” and people burst out laughing. She gets a little smile remembering back.

They were together about ten years. Things didn’t really go as they had planned or dreamed it would go with them as a couple. But I am still here. I still get admired and that makes me feel like the beautiful gem I truly am. Romance doesn’t always last forever, but perhaps diamonds do.

~ By, Connie Webb



  1. Hi Connie,

    Just bumped onto your blog. A very well written post.



  2. true..

  3. Awesome story, Connie dear. Very emotive as usual!

  4. I really enjoyed this story Connie! Written from the diamonds point of view, it made it quite different and very interesting. 🙂

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