Posted by: namesconnie | January 27, 2012

How To: Put Liquid Flea Stuff On Your Cat

(Directions from Vet, just put some between their shoulder blades

It’s easy.)

First time will go easy as your cats were unaware, but the cats will be utterly disgusted with you.

So your next time –

When you are opening the package

Do it discreetly or you cat will go running just from the sound.

When the cat goes running from the sound

Try to corner him or her.

Then grasp them as they squirm to get away

And start to put the flea stuff on them while putting up with hissing and growling.

When they get out of your grasp and run away,

Try to find where they hid so you can put the rest on them that you didn’t get on them.

Get scratched two or three times

And then put the rest on them.

Your time after that –

Your cat will know for sure you have the flea stuff

No matter how hard you try to hide it.

The moment it sees you coming near it

It will hide under the bed and not come out.

Lure it out with some canned cat food.

Then as it eats its food

Put the cat stuff on its neck

And ignore the growls and be quick to get out of the way when the cat turns to bite you.

Your time after that –

Think of a new scheme.


~ By, Connie Webb


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