Posted by: namesconnie | January 27, 2012

I Am So Sick Of

I am so sick of hearing about how skinny that celebrity is

Or how fat the other one is!

I mean who cares what Snooki or Alec Baldwin or even Oprah looks like?

In the big scheme of things does it really matter to our lives?

I am so sick of hearing scandals of celebrities and celebrity bashing.

Okay, Demi Moore has problems –

Don’t we all?

I am so sick of news stories where they dig up the most awful and disgusting thing and report it to us –

Do we really need to hear all that?

But sometimes I just want to know what is going on in the news

So I check a website and then I am bombarded with just a lot of yuck (I was going to use another word, but chose not to.)

I already turned off my cable TV;

I guess I have to be more selective on what I read now, too.

Maybe I will just forget the news sites from now on.

They aren’t doing anything to me except making me –


~ By, Connie Webb



  1. When millions die, no one cares.
    But when a king coughs….

  2. Very true all that you said, Connie! I totally agree, it’s sad the way it all is.

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