Posted by: namesconnie | February 5, 2012

Over 50? How to Age Gracefully

Do not compare yourself to any celebrities your age. Most of them spend their whole days working out. Accept yourself as you are and that no matter how much you do exercise you will not look like any of them. If you are a guy, you will not look like George Clooney and if you are a gal you will not look like Madonna. So women, at the Super Bowl half-time show, don’t start feeling all insecure when you don’t look in as good a shape as Madonna.

When you see the wrinkles, don’t let them get to you. They show exactly who you are at your age. This honesty will help the younger generation know it is really okay to age without Botox.

Of course the gray hair is usually visible by now, unless you have chosen to cover it up. Men, you will look even more distinguished with the gray hair. Women, do what you feel is best, but keep in mind that most people over 50 do have gray hair and it is okay to just go natural. Nothing wrong with that and you may get your senior discounts without having to remind businesses as much.

Don’t think you ought to have x amount of dollars by now. If you don’t have x amount of dollars, it just shows you’ve lived life well is all.

Enjoy life. Find humor even in the new way your body works with you having to know where the restrooms are at all times.

And if you still say or relate to “What a drag” or “Far out” or “Groovy” or “Hey man” know that your youth is still with you.


– By, Connie Webb






  1. I really enjoyed this post Connie, such good advice! 🙂

  2. Good advice…especially knowing where the bathrooms are. But I have to admit that I am also thankful for hair dye, mousse, wrinkle cream, and spanx.

  3. Oh wow.. this is wisdom.. loving every moment of life.. no freating.. accepting every moment… celebrating life… Lovely Connie.. Aging with pleasure..

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