Posted by: namesconnie | February 5, 2012

The First Time I Saw the Ocean in 1964

I was seven years old. My mom was leaving dad. She packed us all up in her station wagon and drove me and my brothers from New York to Florida. It was a really long road trip to say the least. We lost two cats on the way, but managed to keep our beagle dog.

Mom put up with lots of bickering between my three brothers and I and the dog that barked on and off at others along the way.

But here we were now. We made it. We were now in Miami Beach, Florida. “Let’s go to the ocean, the ocean!” all of us kids chimed in. “Okay, okay, hold your horses. Let me see how to get there,” mom said sternly.  Mom pulled the car over. “Excuse me sir, can you tell me how to get to the beach from here?” mom asked a well tanned man with a bright colored shirt. “Yes, just drive down the next street and turn left. You’re almost there. You can’t miss it.” Mom thanked the smiling man and so did all of us smiling kids.

Off we went. My heart was pounding. I wanted to see the ocean. I was so excited. And then, there it was. The ocean, the ocean! It was huge. I never saw any body of water that huge in my life. It went on and on and on. The air smelled refreshing. My mom parked the car and all of us got out and before my mom said a word out all us kids ran to the sand. We got sand in our shoes so we quickly flung off our shoes and socks. The sand was very hot so we ran to the ocean. “Pick up your shoes and socks first,” mom yelled. But we ignored her. We just had to get to that clear blue water. We weaved in and out of people sunbathing. “Don’t kick sand on anyone” mom yelled again as we carefully tried not to get sand on people, but I am sure lots of sand stuck to peoples cocoa smelling suntan lotion as we ran by.

I can’t believe how nice the ocean water was at the shore. It felt so good on my feet after running through that hot sand.

We all had our regular clothes on so we rolled up our pants legs to get in the water. Then we started splashing each other and soon we were in there swimming with our clothes on. Mom was laughing as she juggled carrying our shoes and socks we had discarded in the sand. Mom dropped our stuff on the sand, rolled up her pant legs and soon ducked under the water, too. We all laughed.

I found it interesting to swim in this warm water with the salty taste it had. It was fun seeing my brothers laughing and playing, my mom enjoying it all and our dog running in and out of the water, too. All the brightly colored umbrellas looked pretty on the beach. And the people! There were lots of them and they were all so tanned. I don’t even think I ever noticed how pale I was until I arrived at Miami Beach. I loved this place!

I know I missed my dad, but this place was fantastic. I was finally at the ocean. The deep blue sea! It was sunny and warm. No more cold snow! I loved it and didn’t even mind my dripping clothes. It took some time for mom to convince us it was time to go. We finally agreed and off we went to our new home in Miami by a canal. We got to go to the beach almost every weekend. I have fond memories of those times.  I’ve loved the beach and ocean ever since.

– By, Connie Webb



  1. What a lovely story about how you met up with the ocean the first time. I could almost feel the sand under my feet and the nice warm, salty water. What an adventure for all of you! Thanks for sharing this, it made me smile. 🙂

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