Posted by: namesconnie | February 15, 2012

Un-Valentine’s Haiku

Something vile here

Mailbox with no valentines

But divorce papers.

– Connie Webb



  1. There used to be a Judge, one town away from me a larger city. Anyway, he used to issue divorces on Valentines Day thinking it was funny. Hmmm, not funny to me. I learned a lot being a paralegal 😦

    • Yeah, not funny at all. Wonder if the person sending the papers to me got a kick out of them being able to land here on Valentine’s Day? Not that I didn’t “know” the papers would arrive, but to happen on Valentine’s Day, well, just kind of un-cool, to say the least! Take care.

  2. You know, Connie. I bet there are some people out there who would get a kick out of the papers arriving that way 😦 It’s not right! I know even when I wanted my divorce to be final, I was sad when I got the papers. It just felt like a sadness or failure maybe? You know what I mean? I think it’s why I’m happy now, but afraid to get married. Life is strange, huh?? You take care! Keep writing 🙂

    • Thanks Autumn for your kind words. I think a person can still be in deep love “without” the marriage, so just do whats best for you. Take care. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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