Posted by: namesconnie | October 27, 2012

Never Forgotten

Her words, kindness and actions;

Her listening;

Her being there;

Her love –

Will never be forgotten.

In the past,

There were cruel actions;

Cruel words;

And I didn’t think I could trust

Anyone again.

She showed me that I could not only trust,

But that I could be loved;

That I was lovable;

And that I could love again.

What a great gift I got from her –

And she

Will never be forgotten.

Goodbye –

My dear friend.

– By, Connie Webb 10/26/12

(Dedicated to an 89 year old beautiful friend who passed away yesterday. Her spirit will forever live on as you can never destroy such love as she had!)



  1. She gone but not forgotten… Remember one thing. she is right there.. in your thoughts… if you get deep in you.. you can still hear her laughter… My condulence dear… take heart

    • Thank you Maureen for your thoughtful words. Sincerely, Connie

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