Posted by: namesconnie | January 4, 2013


I can still be okay with me

Even if you don’t like me

Or love me;

Even if you put me down,

Make fun of me,

Hate me.

I can still be okay with me.

Even if you ignore me,

Treat me like a nothing,

Reject me –

Doesn’t matter,

I can still be okay with me.

My value and worth

Does not come from you.

I already have it.

I was born with it.

I was born precious and worthwhile.

No matter what age I am,

I am still precious and worthwhile.

Nothing you can do or not do

Will ever take away my self-worth.

None of your actions, behaviors or words

That are cruel and unkind

Will ever tear me down,

Because I was created beautifully

To withstand any of your harm;

As long as I keep remembering

Who I am

A precious creature –

Filled with amazing strength

That won’t allow your meanness

To crush me.

It can’t crush me

Because I won’t allow it –


– Connie Webb



  1. What a truly wonderful poem that speaks volumes…Great writing Connie! 🙂 I hope you are doing well and all is OK with you.

    • Thanks for your kind email, Gabby. I am doing okay thanks. Just was busy over the past months it seems. Took a volunteer job, so that takes up some time. Anyway, hope you are doing okay, too. Sincerely, Connie

      > Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2013 02:12:09 +0000 > To: >

  2. It’s a wonderful poem Connie, it speaks volumes…Something we should all remember. 🙂 Hope all is OK with you and you are well.

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