Posted by: namesconnie | March 9, 2013

The Ordeal of Killing a Spider

I just casually was leaving a room and there it was. I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I knew what it was. It was about the size of a quarter and big and dark and creepy. Yes, it was a spider. It was in a position that I could kill it, too. Not in some odd corner place where you can’t get it, but right there where a straight hit with the flyswatter would surely get it. Now I had to aim carefully though, so I did. I was sure of myself that I would get it. And smack I went. But it just jumped up and started crawling away. How totally creepy! I let out a scream and hit it again. I wasn’t sure it was dead as it was on the carpet and I didn’t have enough power in that smack. So I quickly left the area with flyswatter on top of spider. I came back with a heavy book, removed the flyswatter quickly and that dark creature (that I have huge fear of) did not even look dead. So I smashed it with the heavy book. For good measure I stomped on the book. My foot hurt after that.

I then got the flyswatter and hit it again and it stuck to the flyswatter. I ran to the bathroom and hit the flyswatter above the toilet and flushed. It still actually looked like it wasn’t even dead! For even better measure, I flushed the toilet again.

My heart was beating fast and I quickly looked around the area for more of them. None were around, so I started calming down.

I searched the web and it said something about how women are more prone to be afraid of spiders than men. That doesn’t seem fair! Anyway, I didn’t feel so embarrassed by my scream that could have frightened neighbors halfway down the street after reading that fact.

I had a psychiatrist once tell me that if I see a spider, to just leave the room and usually by the time I get back in the room, the spider will be gone. Well, that doesn’t cut it with me. I would worry too much about the offending thing and so it has been better to just face it and banish the spider when I see it.

Something admirable about my ex-husband was that he was so good at getting spiders. He was a carpenter and worked at many construction sites where of course the creatures were often everywhere. He could just go and pick up a spider and throw it outside without batting an eyelash! I thought that quite amazing. Me, no, I can’t do that. So I shiver in fear and scream, but eventually get the job done. There are times I miss a direct hit at the scary offender and off it crawls away. Then I just try to “pretend” it has left the premises so as to not worry about it any longer!

I did see some spider catchers online. They may work. Could be a more humane way of getting ridding of them. They made this long handled contraption where it just scoops the spider up quickly and grabs onto it and then you just go put the spider outside. Not sure if I could do that or not.

In the meantime, I just hope the spiders get the hint that they are better off outside than in here. There are two cats here that love to eat spiders, too. So maybe I would have more spiders if it wasn’t for them!

If you have better ideas of getting rid of a spider and taking them outside (without getting scared) feel free to let me know!

– Connie Webb



  1. That was pretty funny.

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