Posted by: namesconnie | March 9, 2013

Why I Let Him Climb The Ladder by Connie Webb

He climbed a ladder at three all by himself.
“Look, I did it Mommy !” he shouted with delight from the highest rung
As I proudly witnessed his achievement.
I smiled back at him with happiness.
“Why would you let a 3 year old climb a ladder?” you scowled.
Well, he didn’t just climb the ladder in one day.
Day one he stood on one rung and stepped back down.
Day two he went up two rungs a few times.
Day three he was almost to the top.
Day four he said “Look, I did it Mommy!”
And that is why I let him climb the ladder –
Because the look on his face
As he carefully made his way down to give me a hug
Was something no store bought toy could ever give.


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