Posted by: namesconnie | October 11, 2013

Good-bye Friend (In Memory of my beloved 13 year old cat)

Little kitten by my heart,

So full of love from the start.

Purring, playing, being my friend,

I know our love will never end.

Even though you passed away,

I know your spirit is here to stay.

I can never forget you little one,

You’ll be with me ’til my days are done.

Then I hope to be with you again someday,

To hear you purr and watch you play,

To hold you in my arms again,

So you will know I love you friend.

For now your memory stays with me,

And I trust your little spirit is free,

With no more hurt and no more pain,

Running free like a kitten once again.

Even though I can’t see you,

No more meows or a mew,

I will trust where you are right now,

Is full of tremendous love and somehow,

That will help me let you go,

And will help me to show

You it’s okay to be set free

Even though it’s so hard on me.



  1. You bare your heart so bravely and unpretentiously, Connie. It is a blessing that you are a true and caring friend.
    May God comfort you with His ability to reach where only He can bring comfort in the deepest parts of your mind, heart and soul.
    Babe was a fortunate kitty, and I’m sure she is at peace now, after a life enriched and full of your love and care. ❤

  2. Thank you for your kind, comforting words. Grateful we are friends, too.

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