Posted by: namesconnie | October 12, 2013

The Outdoors in Northern California

Just had to get outside

Felt I was suffocating

In the house.

I didn’t mind the cold weather.

As I wandered my backyard

I saw a butterfly upon a flower,

A raven above was circling around,

A seagull soared above me,

And a little hummingbird jetted by.

Decided to go for a walk.

Spotted a deer with babies in the meadow,

A jackrabbit hopping around,

And lots of different birds singing happily.

I overlooked the wild ocean,

Breathed the fresh air deep into my lungs,

No longer did I feel like I was suffocating

As I was restored by

The outdoors in Northern California.

By, Connie Webb 10/11/13


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