Posted by: namesconnie | October 14, 2013

On Being a Vegan

I just made myself a cup of “Vegan” Hot Cocoa. I used Very Vanilla Soy Milk heated, added a couple heaping teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa mix and then added some organic sugar to taste. It was very good tasting and I am glad I can still make myself something nice to drink especially when I have a total chocolate craving.

Being a vegan is not always that easy, but once you get the hang of it, it is very easy. It is actually easier than being a meat eater. I find myself being able to make all kinds of dishes that meat eaters eat except I just substitute some protein from either tofu, beans or meat substitutes. Luckily my mom taught me to cook, so I just convert recipes over (from growing up) into vegan ones.

I made a mock tuna fish sandwich the other day and was just as happy as with my real one. I ordered a vegan pizza at the pizza place down the street and it tasted just as good as a regular cheese pizza.

I think you get an acquired taste when you become a vegan. It is like your taste buds actually change and I am not kidding. Once I was craving broccoli and you would think I just bought my favorite junk food the way I was happy carrying home my nice fresh broccoli.

Maybe it is because I am in my middle age years is why I actually crave healthy foods more. I know my time is really limited and I want to hang around for as long as I can. I have always really enjoyed life when I am in the right company. Luckily I have a nice family of two adult kids and some really good close friends. I have some caring relatives, too, that I am grateful for.

The other factor is that since I was a little girl, I have always loved animals. I remember asking my mom why we were eating a cow and that cows are nice. Her Catholic teaching had her saying, “Well, God put these animals on the planet for us to eat, so it is okay with God that we eat them.” I hesitantly accepted her answer, until the answer wasn’t acceptable any longer. Now I am so grateful I don’t eat animals and I never feel “guilty” after eating my Vegan meals.

One thing is this, though. I want to be a peaceful person, so I never bother anyone about what they are eating or not eating. Everyone chooses what works best for them. After all, I was raised a big meat eater and it just wouldn’t be right for me to criticize someone who eats meat. Kind of like I used to smoke tons of cigarettes and I am now an ex-smoker, but I wouldn’t want to criticize anyone who smokes as I know how hard it was to actually quit.

On becoming a vegan, I first became a vegetarian. The way I did that was to first give up red meat. Then I gave up poultry. And then I gave up fish. I was a vegetarian eating dairy and cheese. Finally I saw that dairy and cheese were just not so healthy for me, so I gave up those and became a vegan. I did try lots of vegan type cheeses at first, but I finally accept that not many vegan cheeses are my favorites unless it is a mozzarella vegan cheese on top of a homemade vegan pizza with lots of veggies.

There are other health benefits of being a vegan, too, which anyone can look up on the internet about.

With food costs going sky high, it really is more economical being a vegan, too. You can make veggie stir fries with tofu. Make Italian dishes using some italian vegan sausages or veggie ground round. Make Mexican dishes like burritos or tacos by using the veggie ground round, too. Many other good tasting dishes can be made and just typing in “vegan recipes” at Google will turn up many.

I would like to add that one of my cats likes handouts. And guess what? He absolutely loves broccoli. Wonder if any others out there have a broccoli loving cat? My cat isn’t a vegan though and don’t worry, I won’t make him one.

Okay, I admit my “Vegan” hot chocolate isn’t one of the healthiest things, but whenever I have a craving for chocolate, it certainly does the trick.

I know I pass up many a BBQ or other social events that all are around good old meat eating, but I have found other ways to socialize with others. Lately going for walks is a great way to visit with others and it has nothing to do with food. So that seems to be my best way to socialize – good old fashioned strolls. Of course I can go to potlucks or BBQ’s if I want to, but often they just don’t appeal to me any longer. Me who used to love the all you can eat buffets piling up the meat on my plate. Yes, people can change. This 3 pack a day smoker changed to an ex-smoker and this huge meat eater became a vegan. If I can do things like that, any changes you are working on can be accomplished, too!

-By, Connie Webb 10/13/13


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