Posted by: namesconnie | October 28, 2013

A Black Cat Crossed My Path

A black cat crossed my path
On a night of a full moon
He was carrying a pack on his back
And dancing around like a loon.

I thought it was a funny sight
I couldn’t believe my eyes
Then I saw a ghostly cat
In a transparent disguise.

His eyes glowed like fire
In the darkened night
My hands grew cold
I was filled with fright.

Just then the ghostly cat
Found the black cat by a tree
They both did a jig
And started singing merrily.

I was no longer scared
As they danced ‘round and ‘round
It was an unusual scene
And an unusual sound.

They sang Halloween songs
About pumpkins and goblins and bats
And as they sang
Along came about fifty other cats.

They all joined in
The sound grew so loud
But it was a happy sound
From a jolly crowd.

All of the cats were dancing
And having a good time
Then the ghostly cat invited me
To have a bite of a lime.

I told him it would be sour
He said “Well, come dance instead”
So I joined the singing cats
And danced with a cat named Fred.

He moved around quite fast
Hopping left and right
We both danced and danced
Deep into the night.

At last I had enough
I couldn’t dance anymore
So I said good-bye to all the cats
And Fred walked me to my door.

He asked if he could come in
I said “my two cats would probably mind”
So he said “I’ll see you around”
I said “I had a nice time.”

One year went by
Halloween was here again
A black cat crossed my path
I knew the party was about to begin.

Happy Halloween.

By, Connie Webb


  1. I greatly enjoyed this delightful piece of seasonal whimsey – well done.

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