Posted by: namesconnie | October 28, 2013

Halloween Memories

Since I am 56 years old, I have had many experiences with Halloween. First there are my experiences as a child deciding what I could be with what we had around the house. Afterall, my mom had five kids and she certainly wasn’t going to rush out and buy us all Halloween costumes. “Use your imagination and creativity and you will come up with something,” my mom would say to me in a “I know you can do it” tone. Some of my creations were “A little girl” which was easy by just putting my hair in two pony tails on each side of my face and wearing little girl type clothes along with a lollypop. Another one was a “Rich Lady” and I got into my mom’s jewelry and wore a bunch of jewelry with some fancy type clothes she let me borrow complete with a fancy purse and gloves. I was “Cat Woman” from Batman, but I don’t even remember it turning out that great, but it was nice “thinking” I was cat woman anyhow. I can’t really recall all my costumes, but I know I had fun figuring out “something” for Halloween.

My kids wanted to be such different characters, and I was lucky that I could sew to make them some costumes. I only had two kids, but I still would rather they have homemade costumes, so I made a Mickey and Minnie mouse outfit for my little boy and girl. There was the Sonic the Hedgehog outfit for my son and the Pikachu outfit for my son. None of those were “perfect” but they worked out. My daughter actually would just wear some of my son’s outfits like one year she was a Dinosaur and she didn’t mind it one bit as it was her big brothers and she wanted to copy him. It was cute. I don’t remember my daughters outfits too much as I think she was more convincing in having me buy her the store bought ones. I know she was a witch once with a rather frightening face painted on herself. Another year she had this really long blonde wig for another get up she had. That blonde wig was adopted by my tuxedo cat and he loves to sleep on it now and again in his cat toy area.

I liked going trick or treating with my kids when they were little. It was cute watching them get their candy and hear the nice compliments on their costumes even if they had to unbutton their coats to show people as it was raining out and they had to wear coats over their costumes.

I wanted to dress up with them one year, so I put on this mini skirt and a bunch of makeup and I am not sure what my getup was supposed to be actually, but one lady told her husband when the kids were trick or treating, “Don’t look at that babe in the mini skirt, look at your own baby trick or treating – you jerk!” I never wore a get up like that again when I went trick or treating with the kids.

I love to look at the decorated porches each Halloween. Brings back memories of our carving of the pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds. Brings back memories of times that were just so happy and carefree when I think of them now. Enjoy your moments. They are to be treasured and hope you have a Happy Halloween!

By, Connie Webb c2013


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