Posted by: namesconnie | December 21, 2013

My Raw Vegan Diet Journey So Far

I started on Dec. 3rd trying to go fully raw from my regular Vegan diet. It is now Dec. 20th and I had about 8 days of fully raw, except I bought some dry roasted peanuts today instead of seeking out raw peanuts. Anyway, I won’t beat myself up for that. It was a buy one get one free sale, so I just went ahead and had some of those with some raisins which some people think are too processed and not raw either. But I am going to just try my best to eat “mostly” raw foods and see how I do on this.

I do have to admit that I have lots more energy than I had before. Must be all the fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds I am having. I am also having fun making all kinds of intriguing dishes. I have read lots of raw vegan cookbooks from the library and I am really studying how they make these interesting dishes. If you just search online for raw vegan recipes, you will see lots of great looking things to make.

I feel like a scientist now in the kitchen. Today I just took some things I had and made a new dish I never had. I am not so sure I am doing things to “perfection” or whether or not someone could “officially” call me a raw food vegan yet, but little steps are heading that way. I have to think of the money I have, too. So I scout out all the bargains in the newspaper on the fresh fruits and veggies. I look forward to doing some container gardening, too, after winter.

Currently, I need to consider organic vs regular store bought fruits and veggies. I will try to buy organic whenever I can, but if the budget is tight, I just will be washing those fruits and veggies much more. This is all just the beginning for me. I am really excited about this journey. I have been watching lots of YouTube videos about the raw vegan diet and I have to say that lots of the people that make those videos really look so alive and vibrant. Why even persons in their middle age just have a special glow about them. (And I am in my middle age, too, so that gives me lots of hope for that for myself as well – smile.)

This kind of diet is something that I feel I evolved into after living as a vegetarian for 7 years, then a vegan for 6 years. Now the raw food vegan diet is having me really enjoy many more foods in different forms than I normally would.

I am not going to be that “fanatical” about it, I hope. I want to respect people on what they eat or don’t eat. It is their choice. But I am hoping that this raw vegan diet really works well for me and that I will be feeling better and better as time goes on. Then the proof will really be in the pudding – err, raw vegan pudding, of course.

Yes, there are many treats a raw food vegan can eat, too, like some freezer chocolate I made recently with some cacao powder, coconut oil, soaked and drained raw almonds, a little oil and some walnuts. I just blended that all up in a food processor and then dropped them by little spoonfuls on a little sheet and put them in the freezer. My food processor didn’t really chop the nuts up as well as I would have liked, but the little chocolate treats still brightened up my day. I know they make this special blender that really blends things up, but I will have to save money for that one.

Some of my meals have been smoothies and big salads along with some fresh fruits just as they are and nuts and seed snacks. I also like making this spiralized pasta with a special spiralizer that turns zucchini into spaghetti like strands. Then I can just put a little avocado sauce, a pesto sauce or marinara sauce over it – all made with fresh veggie ingredients and it tastes great.

I made a little grated carrot salad with some chopped up tangerines, some chopped up oranges and some grated jicama. I added a little oil and some of the raisins (which some say are not raw) and this dish turned out well. The citrus flavor was so good! And letting it sit in the fridge overnight made it taste even better as the raisins were all plump and nice tasting.

I have made some other dishes like a fake tuna mix that tasted wonderful on some tomatoes. I really am having fun reading other peoples raw vegan recipes and then just trying to convert them to make things similar with ingredients I have. I know that doing that does not always turn out the best, but things are pretty good that I am making and at least I know the things I am eating are healthy, even if they are not “the best” recipe that I could make up.

I am starting in January to really commit to this raw food diet. My New Years goal – to really eat this healthy raw vegan way and to do more exercise, too. I also want to think more about being “positive” and fill my mind with much more positive things, positive people and hanging out in positive places. I feel that will all create a much more enjoyable life for myself.

Hope you all can find a new exciting journey to embark on that will bring you much joy, too. I know my raw vegan journey, so far, has been about learning to respect the Earth, to be kinder, to be more loving and to care “more”. I feel a change will be coming over me and I trust it will all be positive. I will stay motivated by continuing to listen to other Raw Food Vegans, other inspiring people and I am committed to staying healthy with eating the “proper nutrition” on this new way of life, too.

Not everyone will be excited or even interested that I am doing this, but the main thing about new journey’s is that the person on the journey is excited about it and that I am! Will be fun to look back a year from now and see how I am doing with all this. In the meantime, I will realize I will never be perfect with anything I do, but I can strive to just keep doing my best with each new day.

Yesterday I was riding my bike home and I saw a flock of geese in the air going my same direction. I rode my bike with them and really enjoyed the beauty of nature where I live. I am thinking that a flock of geese works together on their journey, so I will have to really think about not being so alone as a raw food vegan and start connecting with others living this raw food lifestyle. Then my journey will be much easier, just like those geese.

Take care all and enjoy your journey’s.

– By, Connie Webb on 12/20/13



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