Posted by: namesconnie | September 6, 2014

The Most You Give Me Is Pain


I am excluded, ignored and silenced

By you.

The most you give me is pain.

You do nothing but bring out the hurt feelings in me.

You help me to feel out of place when I am near you;

Like I don’t belong and never will belong.

Treated horribly by you –

I willingly let you go,

Because when I see you

It is just enough to start the hurt

All over again.

I don’t understand why you want to hurt me.

I hate it so much!

It is the most hurt I ever had in a long time.

The worst is knowing you really don’t like or love me at all, yet you keep pretending to.

The most you give me is pain.

It is time to stop all contact.

The pain has to go and it starts with me

Being willing to stand up for me,

By being willing to say


To you


Photo and Poem by, Connie Webb 9/5/2014


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