Posted by: namesconnie | October 5, 2014

Taking Charge of My Emotions Regardless of What You Did

I saw this quote by Adam Levine that said, “Does making me feel bad really fill the void in your soul?” After seeing that quote, I wrote it down and have been looking at it ever since. I have come to some conclusions in my life.

There have been people in my life that have made me feel really bad in the past. I think it must somehow serve these people in some sick way that made them feel better about themselves every time they knew for sure they made another person feel bad. Well, this is what I say, “Forget that! I will not feel bad because of you. I will not give you that kind of power over me. So if one day you are thinking that I am feeling bad, guess again! I am not feeling bad. I am continuing to enjoy and live this one life I have and enjoying each new day. There are so many good things and good people in the world. I do not have to allow my world to shrink to just focus on someone who attempted to make me feel bad. It doesn’t work for me to allow this anymore. Why? Because I have changed. I am no longer “allowing” myself to be tormented by what you did, even though you may “think” I am. You just don’t have that power over me any longer. No tears flow because of you. No more anger because of you. No more hurt because of you.

I have taken charge of me and my emotions and will not let them be ruled by anyone. If I am going to choose to have a good day, then I am. Who says I have to be sad and angry for years just because you did not treat me right? Who says my whole world has to crash because of your mean stuff and cruel stuff you did? Well, guess what? It doesn’t and it won’t. You are no longer up high on a pedestal to be feared and me way below. That is just not how it is. I am my own person with my own life to live and live it I will – in peace!

I commit to taking good care of myself with each new day and you know what? That makes me feel good about me and I am grateful I can focus on this spectacular world that I get to live in regardless of what you did.”


Writing and Photo By, Connie Webb – October 2014

Photo taken at Mendocino Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg, CA



  1. Amen… We truly become empowered when we take our power back and quit giving it away. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome and thanks for your comment.

  2. I love this post! You speak for so many of us. New declaration: I do not have room for mean people in my life.

    • Thank you LaTanya! Love your declaration, too.

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