Posted by: namesconnie | October 6, 2014

Some Family is Family and Some Family is Not

When family is not family at all,

None of them listen to you or care about you.

They say they love you, but show you that they don’t.

They are happy to see you fall.

They don’t care when you succeed.

They don’t care about any hurts or sufferings you have.

They create more hurt in your life.

They ignore you.

When family is not family at all,

It is time to let them go.

When family is family,

They listen to you and care about you.

They say they love you and show you that they do.

They comfort you when you fall.

They are happy for your successes.

They care about any of your hurts or sufferings.

They create more joy in your life.

They pay attention to you.

When family is family,

It is time to hold them close.

Poem and Flower Photo By, Connie Webb Our loving families can be biological or even friends can be family if they are the loving kind. Grateful for my two loving adult kids who are my loving family! Grateful for other family members that are loving and for loving friends I have. The photo below are of flowers given to me by a loving friend, too. Take care all.




  1. Good to meet another honest person! I too have gotten rid of my family seven years ago, believe me dont miss them even for a second! I only regret taking so long 😦

    • Too bad some family has to be so unloving, but if too many tears and anger are upon us because of that family, then letting go can be the best thing we can do for ourselves. Take care and thanks for your comment.

      • mine are toxic. you sounded like me, that is why i could not resist myself. 🙂

        I agree, it is good to move away from such famillies.

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