Posted by: namesconnie | January 10, 2015

How It Made Her Feel, But The Truth Of It All

Like she was a nothing.
Like she was ugly.
Like she was worthless.
Like she was not worth rescuing.
Like God hated her.
Like she would rather have died.
Like she wanted to disappear.
Like she wished she was stronger.
Like she wished she could have escaped.
Like she deserved it.
Like she asked for it.
Like she was stupid.
Like no one will believe her.
Like she was at fault.
Like she was the one who made it happen.
Like others will think she liked it and wanted it.

The Truth:
He was a nothing.
He was ugly.
He was worthless.
He was not worth being on the planet.
Even God hated him.
He deserved to not live.
He ought to disappear from earth never to be seen again.
He really was a weakling to harm an innocent woman.
Only a horrible devil-like person would trap someone and degrade them like that and it wasn’t her fault.
He deserved severe punishment for what he did.
Her “no” was “no” and she didn’t ask for it.
She was smart and survived and one day he will pay somehow, no harm ever goes without punishment.
She is to be BELIEVED!
He is fully at fault.
He made it happen.
She never liked it and never wanted it.

One day he will pay – somehow!

And she won’t have to do anything
except wait and see;
that is just how the universe works
and she sleeps well at night
just knowing that fact.


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