Posted by: namesconnie | January 12, 2015

If Gus Could Talk

Please take me to my home,

I miss my Master so much;

I miss his smiling face,

I miss his gentle touch.

Please take me home,

Something has gone wrong;

I got away from my Master,

Now I have been gone too long.

Please take me home,

Even if you think I am sweet;

I have another best friend,

I really need to greet.

Please take me home,

I’m just a little dog that’s lost;

I need you to help me get there,

Don’t worry about the cost.

Please take me home,

A reward you will find;

When my Master jumps with glee,

From you being so kind.

Please take me home,

Even if you really love me;

But I have to get to him,

To end his and my misery.

You see we love each other so,

We are the best friends ever;

He was so good to me,

And would never hurt me never.

He just wants me home with him,

To enjoy our daily walks;

To enjoy our TV times,

To enjoy our daily talks.

You see he is now 77 years old,

Not sure how long he has left to live;

And I am just a young dog,

I have so much love to give.

I want to be with him,

Through many more happy days;

So please take me home,

We will thank you in many ways.

The first way will be when you see our faces,

Light up when we are reunited;

The second way is when you see our love,

Equally undivided.

Yes, there will be a reward for you,

But it won’t compare to the reward for us;

To be again together,

An old man and his little doggie, Gus.

By, Connie Webb


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