Posted by: namesconnie | January 13, 2015


She woke up in the morning by herself
without anyone else’s moods or thoughts.
She could be herself now and not worry about a significant other.

When she woke up, it didn’t matter if her hair was messy,
or her breath wasn’t unrealistically minty fresh –
she didn’t have to worry about that.

At night,
she got the whole room and whole bed to herself.
She could read or watch anything on TV she wanted to
before she fell asleep,
and she didn’t have to worry about disturbing anyone.

Her life finally was really all her own
to do with as she pleased.
She could come and go without conferring with anyone –
freedom at its best.

Her meals were all to “her” liking;
Not having to people please anyone but herself.

So if she ever started to think,
she needed to be in a relationship again,
she would remember she didn’t “need” to be,
Because on her own she got to hog all the blankets;
she got to watch whatever movie she wanted to at the show;
she got to wake up in peace and serenity;
she got to go for long walks alone enjoying nature;
she got to be her true self more;
Than when she was a prisoner with him.

So don’t worry about her being single.
She is okay as she is, until she finds someone who is okay allowing her to be her and



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