Posted by: namesconnie | January 14, 2015

Divorce Isn’t So Bad, When You Look Back Realistically

The best man at the wedding

was supposed to be her husband,

but him being “the best”

only lasted so long;

especially when things fell to pieces;

after years of them both being unloving toward each other;

where he was no longer the best man he could be,

and she was no longer the best woman she could be.

She looks back now,

viewing the whole situation;

as one where they both;

just lost their hope

that things could work out;

and they both just gave up even trying.

The day she left him,

even though it was a tough choice for her,

not only did she get her life back,

but he got his life back, too.

They now both could be their own selves,

without all that bickering, arguing and being unsatisfied

with one another.

Funny how when she looks back today,

she sees just how right it was that they broke up,

even though at the time,

it just felt like it was all so wrong and heartbreaking.

But the heartbreaking thing,

would have been

if they stayed together;

with them both being unhappy,

and both not being all they could be.

Perhaps now he can be the best man he can be,

and she can now be the best woman she can be.

So divorce isn’t always so bad,

when you look back


By, Connie Webb



  1. No it is not really bad. Sometimes one developes oneself. It depends on each individuals, and the situations. Lovely post.

    • Thanks Maureen. Appreciate your comments.

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