Posted by: namesconnie | January 14, 2015

Past Abuse “What If’s” and Today’s Healing “What If’s”

What if Growing Up
She Wasn’t …

Put down and made fun of and teased?
Told “You should have been put up for adoption like my mom told me to do”?
Made to feel like she was worthless?
Left with nightly tears to cry alone?
Noticed for what she did wrong instead of what she did right?
Told she was loved, but shown otherwise?

What if Now
She …

Notices what she does right?
Speaks to herself kindly and lovingly?
Encourages herself with positive affirmations?
Treasures and values herself?
Knows she is worthy and wanted here?
Never abandons or gives up on herself?
Comforts and nurtures herself?
Shows herself love daily, even when it is difficult to do?

What if?

By, Connie Webb


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