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That You


That You

Who you are,

Deep down inside,

That you,

That magnificent you, that you hide from everyone,

That you

Is all okay.


Yet you hide,

That you,

That you that we would all really love to know,

But insecurity hides

That you.


And your mask is on

As you go about life

Trying your hardest to hide

That you.


Wouldn’t it be easier

If you just let

That you


That you

That you know

Is all okay?


We need

That magnificent you.


Photo and Poem by Connie Webb 9/6/14

Posted by: namesconnie | September 6, 2014

The Hiding Place In My Mind


The reason I don’t always pick up a pen or paper;

Or listen to the thoughts in my head,

Is because I feel if those thoughts

Were to creep out onto paper

The hurt that would appear

Would be too tough for me to see.

So I stuff the thoughts

Way back in my mind

And as I slowly continue my life,

I brush away a tear now and again,

As I brush more thoughts

Under the hiding place

In my mind.

Photo and Poem By, Connie Webb 9/5/14

Posted by: namesconnie | September 6, 2014

The Most You Give Me Is Pain


I am excluded, ignored and silenced

By you.

The most you give me is pain.

You do nothing but bring out the hurt feelings in me.

You help me to feel out of place when I am near you;

Like I don’t belong and never will belong.

Treated horribly by you -

I willingly let you go,

Because when I see you

It is just enough to start the hurt

All over again.

I don’t understand why you want to hurt me.

I hate it so much!

It is the most hurt I ever had in a long time.

The worst is knowing you really don’t like or love me at all, yet you keep pretending to.

The most you give me is pain.

It is time to stop all contact.

The pain has to go and it starts with me

Being willing to stand up for me,

By being willing to say


To you


Photo and Poem by, Connie Webb 9/5/2014

Posted by: namesconnie | June 20, 2014

Where The Kind People Go


I will never doubt

That there is a place

Where the kind people go

When they depart.

It is a place

Filled with joy

Filled with smiles

Filled with exciting things to do.

I will never doubt

That the kind people

Are there holding and supporting one another

And all enjoying peace

All enjoying love.

I will never doubt

That there is a place

Where the kind people go.


- Photo and Poem by Connie Webb 6/19/14


Posted by: namesconnie | June 1, 2014

Gratitude Thoughts

My two grown kids and I,

Just enjoying time together,

On a Saturday afternoon,

With laughs and smiles,

And me being very grateful -

For my family.

Posted by: namesconnie | June 1, 2014

You Always Cared

Sometimes I felt down and out,

never feeling very free;

Now I know without a doubt,

you were always there for me.


Times I think I can’t go on,

can’t make it another day;

But your love is never gone,

you are showing me the way.


When I think you are nowhere,

and I don’t know what to do;

I remember your great love,

knowing I will soon find you.

- Connie Webb 5/31/14

Posted by: namesconnie | May 30, 2014

Raw Foodist’s – Raw Food Vegan Lifestyle – My Story

I have now been a raw foodist for almost 6 months. Where did I get my inspiration from? Other raw foodist’s! Just type in raw foodist’s at and you will find many of them with inspiring words, recipes and smiles.


Go to the library and check out books on the subject. You will learn all kinds of good information on why this lifestyle is a healthy one. There are many recipe books on the subject as well as lots of websites online about the raw food vegan lifestyle.


I like to call this a “lifestyle” instead of a “diet” as it really is more than a diet. It seems the more attention I have paid to eating healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, the more I have wanted to take care of other areas of my life. Room messy? Clean it up! Errand left undone? Get out and do it. It is like I now have more of an “action” mentality than I did before.


Choosing to live this raw vegan lifestyle requires good planning to work successfully. It also requires lots of time and effort into getting the best fruits and veggies you can, but it is worth it. It is something you are doing for yourself to be healthier. You feel healthier and you also get to a good weight, too.


Since I am now putting healthy things into my body instead of junky type foods, I also just gravitated to putting healthy things into my mind, too. Negative people, places and things just are no longer for me and I have to let go of any negativity daily. I desire to be around positive people, places and things now. That is a huge bonus.


It is funny how me just researching online “how to lower cholesterol without medicine” helped me to find this wonderful new way of life. I have not only lowered my cholesterol and don’t need the medicine, but I have found so much more. Inspiring raw foodist’s online who are so encouraging with all they share and do so absolutely free. My mom used to say “For nothing you get nothing in this world” but I have found that for nothing I have gained so much. I now feel better about myself and in feeling better about me, I now enjoy my life so much more and am looking forward to many more benefits as I move forward daily discovering and enjoying more positives in life.


There was a time in my life when I was pretty angry and I wound up hanging out with angry people. There was a time in my life when I was pretty sad and wound up hanging out with sad people. There was a time in my life when I was really negative and hung out with negative people. But now this is a time in my life when I am actually way more positive than in the past and guess what? I seem to be hanging out with lots more positive people! I am happy to be able to not only change my body, but my mind and spirit, too. Looking at two deer in a meadow today and seeing how free they were with no cares in the world, just enjoying the sunshine and flowers together, helped me to see that that is what I am striving for daily. To be carefree and just enjoy the day. I have had depression on and off for years. I also have a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have tried many things for those issues, but I haven’t found a “cure”. I am not sure if the raw food lifestyle will be a “cure”, but for now, I am feeling so much better than in the past and that is a good thing and a happy thing for me.


Becoming a raw foodist at age 56 is a really interesting experience. My kids are grown so it is just me doing my own thing here. I am not sure if I will meet in person that many other people who are doing this lifestyle, but for now, it is working for me, I got at a good weigh for my height and I am feeling like there is hope for more progress in me healing more and more with each new day, by choosing the positive things in life and I am so happy for that!

- By, Connie Webb 5/29/2014

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If a person has a Mental Illness

If a person has a mental illness,

It is not a time to put that person down;

To gossip behind their back;

To think you are better than them,

Because you don’t have a mental illness.


If a person has a mental illness,

It is not time to be scared of them;

To run away from them;

To avoid them,

Because you don’t have a mental illness.


If a person has a mental illness,

It is not time to hate them;

Or despise them;

To look down on them,

Because you don’t have a mental illness.


If a person has a mental illness,

It is not time to treat them like they are invisible;

Not talk to them;

Think they are not worthy to be here,

Because you don’t have a mental illness.


A person with a mental illness

Deserves to be treated with dignity and respect;

With compassion, help and caring;

And most of all

With love;

Which is known -

To heal.

By , Connie Webb 5/7/14

Posted by: namesconnie | April 16, 2014

With All The Hope In The World

Born innocent

With all the hope in the world

For joy, happiness and peace.


Yet the way life goes,

Things happened

To disrupt all that potential peace

And hope vanished;

As she vanished

Deeper and deeper

Faraway from her true self.


But as the way life goes

She found her joy, happiness and peace again,

As something happened to disrupt the sadness and anger

And propelled her back to who she was

The innocent person

With all the joy, happiness and peace;

That is meant for her with each new day

She embraces her real self

And now she again

Has all the hope in the world.

- Connie Webb 4/15/14

Posted by: namesconnie | April 16, 2014

You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore

You can’t hurt me anymore.

My value does not come from you anymore.

You can’t shame me anymore.

I wasn’t born with shame and never have to accept shame from you.


You can’t anger me anymore.

I choose to not be angry no matter what you do.


I no longer allow you to control my thoughts, my feelings or my actions.


I am my own person,

nothing about me is ever going to be controlled by you -

ever again.


And that makes me smile

just knowing -

You can’t hurt me anymore -

ever again.

- Connie Webb 4/15/14

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