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With All The Hope In The World

Born innocent

With all the hope in the world

For joy, happiness and peace.


Yet the way life goes,

Things happened

To disrupt all that potential peace

And hope vanished;

As she vanished

Deeper and deeper

Faraway from her true self.


But as the way life goes

She found her joy, happiness and peace again,

As something happened to disrupt the sadness and anger

And propelled her back to who she was

The innocent person

With all the joy, happiness and peace;

That is meant for her with each new day

She embraces her real self

And now she again

Has all the hope in the world.

- Connie Webb 4/15/14

Posted by: namesconnie | April 16, 2014

You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore

You can’t hurt me anymore.

My value does not come from you anymore.

You can’t shame me anymore.

I wasn’t born with shame and never have to accept shame from you.


You can’t anger me anymore.

I choose to not be angry no matter what you do.


I no longer allow you to control my thoughts, my feelings or my actions.


I am my own person,

nothing about me is ever going to be controlled by you -

ever again.


And that makes me smile

just knowing -

You can’t hurt me anymore -

ever again.

- Connie Webb 4/15/14

Posted by: namesconnie | February 4, 2014

There Never Has Been Anything Wrong With You

What’s so wrong with you?

There is nothing wrong with you.

What’s so wrong with you?

There is nothing wrong with you.

There has never been anything wrong with you.

You have the strength to go on.

You are okay exactly as you are at this moment,

Regardless of what you do or don’t do.

No one can hurt you any longer,

Because you know in your heart

There is nothing wrong with you.

You have a right to be here,

To enjoy all there is to enjoy in this big world.

What is so wrong with you?

Nothing. You are as right as can be.

What is so right with you?


Even your imperfections are perfectly imperfect and

Knowing that can help you and guide you

To have nice days with smiles and love shown to many.

You can laugh and be yourself.

You have huge strength to endure any pain.

And you can just let any pain roll far off you like a feather blowing away in the wind.

By, Connie Webb 2/3/14

Posted by: namesconnie | January 27, 2014

Dive Into a Beautiful Day

aug5clouds, beach, seals, state park 096

Dive into a beautiful day

That is yours for the taking

If you choose to take it.

It is there for you

Just waiting for you to

Jump into it.

Dive into a beautiful day

Filled with your loving ways

That you always have had

They are there for you

Just waiting for you to

Jump into them.

Dive into a beautiful day

Full of your brightness

That the world needs to see

That no one can stop

If you just jump

Into your light.

Photo and Poem By Connie Webb 1/26/14

Posted by: namesconnie | January 26, 2014

Life’s Glaring Glow

sunday aug 9 2009 208

Sun and flowers
Petting my cat
Eating healthy
Accepting where I’m at.

Loving others
Releasing pain
Nature walking
Is a happiness gain.

See all greatness
Laugh and smile
Help when you can
Meditate awhile.

Relax and breathe
Let stresses go
Be here right now
Follow life’s glaring glow.

Photo and Poem By, Connie Webb 1/25/14

Posted by: namesconnie | January 21, 2014

Powerless and Noticing the Good Things on the Planet


It is tough being powerless. Powerless over the weather, the wars, the violence that happens on the planet. Powerless over hunger, poverty and homelessness. Being powerless really can make me feel so hopeless.

I know I am powerless over many things, but I would like to think about some of the things I am not powerless over, at the current moment anyhow.

I am not powerless over noticing the good things on the planet. There are many kind people, helping folks who lend a hand to the homeless, the courageous people who take on even dangerous jobs like being a fireman or a policeman.

There are people who volunteer their time at soup kitchens to feed the less fortunate. There are people who promote peace instead of violence. There are many peacemaking types of people on the planet. There are many counselors and therapists who offer a helping hand to those who need it. Many fine doctors and psychiatrists devoted to helping people enjoy good physical and emotional health.

Lots of us may be powerless over many things, but if we take the time to notice the good things on the planet, I think our powerlessness will not be so in the upfront of our minds.

I like to notice the smile of a friendly person, the hug from a friend, the pretty bird singing nearby, the green in the trees, the vibrant colors of the flowers, and the many other wonders of nature.

Our earth provides us with many positive experiences if we take the time to notice them. Yes, we have many pains that many of us face, but we also have many joys if we choose to see them.

I live in California and we do have a drought now, but I can still turn on my faucet and get a drink of water. I can still take a quick shower. I am grateful for that. For today, things are okay. I don’t want to dwell in future tripping of how dire things can get. Instead, for today I do have the things I need.

I am grateful for the rental home I live in, for my two loving adult kids, for my funny cat, for the friends I have and for some of my relatives who are kind and loving toward me. Yes, I do have some relatives who are not in touch, but I can still think loving thoughts their way. I know that I do not have every single factor in my life exactly the way I would like it to be, but I do have “enough” factors that make me very happy to be alive to enjoy this one life I have.

Next time I feel powerless about another news story or another negative thing or condition, I am going to keep remembering to notice all the other good things on the planet and I think that will help me to feel much more hopeful instead of hopeless. Noticing the good is a much better way for me to truly experience a life worth living.

Writing and Photo Collage Photos By, Connie Webb 1/20/14

Posted by: namesconnie | January 11, 2014

How I Am Doing a Month into My Raw Food Lifestyle

IMG_20140120_203706 (1)

It was a nice foggy day in Fort Bragg, California, not too hot, not too cold. I am grateful I live in a small town with such beauty around me.

Recently I have seen whale spouts and even the backs of whales at Glass Beach not too far from where I live. I also enjoy seeing the geese flying overhead, the deer in the meadow and once in awhile even a jack rabbit hopping around. I love seeing the friendly seagulls and ravens doing their little antics around town, too.

I was riding my bike one day and happened upon a little baby raccoon popping its head out from under the gutter. So cute!

I have seen quail and even an owl fly by. So amazing to live in such a nature filled spot. This after living in big concrete cities is really a “great” change.

I am one month and a week into a raw food diet. So far so good. Learning new recipes and sprouting lentils and garbanzo’s. Flavor is the key here, so I try to make good tasting recipes. Checking out lots of Raw Food recipes on the internet and cookbooks from the library, too. I discovered a delicious salad dressing that is quite easy to make. I had bought an expensive brand and realized that maybe I could at least look at some of the ingredients and make something myself “similar” with what I had at home and here is what I came up with. This salad dressing has five ingredients: 1 TB cold pressed olive oil, 1 tsp tahini, 1 TB apple cider vinegar, 1 TB lemon, 1 TB soy sauce. The soy sauce could be wheat free “Tamari” or “Nama Shoyu” to be more “raw” but I have not found that in my local nearby store yet, so will have to order that online. I am trying not to be too picky as I am still doing fairly well with everything else being raw. Salads taste amazing with that dressing and you can use more or less of the 5 ingredients to your liking.

So how do I feel? Well, I have to tell you that at age 56, I feel like I have quite a bit more energy than I used to from eating fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and sprouted lentils and garbonzo’s. I certainly will have to take up a hobby or even walk or ride my bike more. Even did some housework effortlessly with all this energy I have now. Well, maybe not “effortlessly”, but I seem to have not made such a big deal out of it.

Another factor is I am noticing so much more than I used to notice. Maybe it is more “clarity” like I have read about. Today I saw my sink area and was a bit disgusted. So immediately I got to scrubbing everything to a nice shine.

I also am looking into organizing things more around here, too. I think since I never feel loaded down with food anymore and don’t get that sleepy feeling after eating, I have way more time to read or watch interesting documentaries or shows. I watched the old time Smothers Brothers on DVD recently and it was good to laugh at the humor from the past and hear the old time singers, too.

I think I may be becoming more of the real me. I always wanted to be fairly happy and it seems I am getting there. How nice that side effect is from just changing my diet. Anyway, I do have high hopes for things to change for me more positively as I live this raw food lifestyle. Besides feeling more positive by filling my mind with positive things, already my clothes are fitting much looser and that is a good thing especially since middle age for me has often been a struggle or hard work to even  lose a few pounds! This new way has me feeling full, energized and in a good mood. I do not want to go back to the old way of living.

I know this raw food lifestyle is not for everyone, but I do admit I am much happier than in the past. I am enjoying watching videos of others on this raw food living plan, too. They seem so happy and lively and great examples. It did take a bit to get used to un-cooking, but I feel I have learned enough to do okay for now. I will continue to learn more from the un-cookbooks I am reading, too. I am enthused! Hope you can find and be inspired by something “new” in your life, too. Peace to all!

- Writing and Raw Food “Magazine Photos” Collage by, Connie Webb 1/10/14

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My Raw Vegan Diet Journey So Far

I started on Dec. 3rd trying to go fully raw from my regular Vegan diet. It is now Dec. 20th and I had about 8 days of fully raw, except I bought some dry roasted peanuts today instead of seeking out raw peanuts. Anyway, I won’t beat myself up for that. It was a buy one get one free sale, so I just went ahead and had some of those with some raisins which some people think are too processed and not raw either. But I am going to just try my best to eat “mostly” raw foods and see how I do on this.

I do have to admit that I have lots more energy than I had before. Must be all the fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds I am having. I am also having fun making all kinds of intriguing dishes. I have read lots of raw vegan cookbooks from the library and I am really studying how they make these interesting dishes. If you just search online for raw vegan recipes, you will see lots of great looking things to make.

I feel like a scientist now in the kitchen. Today I just took some things I had and made a new dish I never had. I am not so sure I am doing things to “perfection” or whether or not someone could “officially” call me a raw food vegan yet, but little steps are heading that way. I have to think of the money I have, too. So I scout out all the bargains in the newspaper on the fresh fruits and veggies. I look forward to doing some container gardening, too, after winter.

Currently, I need to consider organic vs regular store bought fruits and veggies. I will try to buy organic whenever I can, but if the budget is tight, I just will be washing those fruits and veggies much more. This is all just the beginning for me. I am really excited about this journey. I have been watching lots of YouTube videos about the raw vegan diet and I have to say that lots of the people that make those videos really look so alive and vibrant. Why even persons in their middle age just have a special glow about them. (And I am in my middle age, too, so that gives me lots of hope for that for myself as well – smile.)

This kind of diet is something that I feel I evolved into after living as a vegetarian for 7 years, then a vegan for 6 years. Now the raw food vegan diet is having me really enjoy many more foods in different forms than I normally would.

I am not going to be that “fanatical” about it, I hope. I want to respect people on what they eat or don’t eat. It is their choice. But I am hoping that this raw vegan diet really works well for me and that I will be feeling better and better as time goes on. Then the proof will really be in the pudding – err, raw vegan pudding, of course.

Yes, there are many treats a raw food vegan can eat, too, like some freezer chocolate I made recently with some cacao powder, coconut oil, soaked and drained raw almonds, a little oil and some walnuts. I just blended that all up in a food processor and then dropped them by little spoonfuls on a little sheet and put them in the freezer. My food processor didn’t really chop the nuts up as well as I would have liked, but the little chocolate treats still brightened up my day. I know they make this special blender that really blends things up, but I will have to save money for that one.

Some of my meals have been smoothies and big salads along with some fresh fruits just as they are and nuts and seed snacks. I also like making this spiralized pasta with a special spiralizer that turns zucchini into spaghetti like strands. Then I can just put a little avocado sauce, a pesto sauce or marinara sauce over it – all made with fresh veggie ingredients and it tastes great.

I made a little grated carrot salad with some chopped up tangerines, some chopped up oranges and some grated jicama. I added a little oil and some of the raisins (which some say are not raw) and this dish turned out well. The citrus flavor was so good! And letting it sit in the fridge overnight made it taste even better as the raisins were all plump and nice tasting.

I have made some other dishes like a fake tuna mix that tasted wonderful on some tomatoes. I really am having fun reading other peoples raw vegan recipes and then just trying to convert them to make things similar with ingredients I have. I know that doing that does not always turn out the best, but things are pretty good that I am making and at least I know the things I am eating are healthy, even if they are not “the best” recipe that I could make up.

I am starting in January to really commit to this raw food diet. My New Years goal – to really eat this healthy raw vegan way and to do more exercise, too. I also want to think more about being “positive” and fill my mind with much more positive things, positive people and hanging out in positive places. I feel that will all create a much more enjoyable life for myself.

Hope you all can find a new exciting journey to embark on that will bring you much joy, too. I know my raw vegan journey, so far, has been about learning to respect the Earth, to be kinder, to be more loving and to care “more”. I feel a change will be coming over me and I trust it will all be positive. I will stay motivated by continuing to listen to other Raw Food Vegans, other inspiring people and I am committed to staying healthy with eating the “proper nutrition” on this new way of life, too.

Not everyone will be excited or even interested that I am doing this, but the main thing about new journey’s is that the person on the journey is excited about it and that I am! Will be fun to look back a year from now and see how I am doing with all this. In the meantime, I will realize I will never be perfect with anything I do, but I can strive to just keep doing my best with each new day.

Yesterday I was riding my bike home and I saw a flock of geese in the air going my same direction. I rode my bike with them and really enjoyed the beauty of nature where I live. I am thinking that a flock of geese works together on their journey, so I will have to really think about not being so alone as a raw food vegan and start connecting with others living this raw food lifestyle. Then my journey will be much easier, just like those geese.

Take care all and enjoy your journey’s.

- By, Connie Webb on 12/20/13


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Letting Go of Abusers

One day you wake up and say: I do not believe I deserve abuse any longer. And when that happens everything changes for you. You no longer bend yourself like a pretzel to do something for someone who treats you unkindly. You no longer subject yourself to people that you know do not have your best interests at heart. You no longer allow anyone in your life who makes you feel less than. Who makes you feel unworthy. Who makes you feel like a nothing.

Why? Because you finally figured out that you are valuable. You are equal. You are worthy. You are a somebody. A somebody who deserves love, respect and kindness. A somebody who no longer deserves cruel or harsh treatment from anyone – ever. And you finally realize you get to have the most lovely life – ever. Because you never will allow any cruel persons in your life again.

And you breathe a sigh of relief knowing, you finally are doing the most important thing ever – taking care of yourself the way you always should have. Being kind and loving to yourself by not allowing abuse has finally opened up so many doors that were closed. You can now enjoy the fresh ocean air and feel the sun on your face. You can now enjoy laughter. You see and hear things that are encouraging from the kind people you now hang out with and the joyful things you are now involved with. Today your life is no longer filled with pain because you finally realized it is time for peace.

Letting go of abusive persons can be the most important thing you do for yourself. Life is not meant to suffer. Life is meant to be enjoyed each passing day. You can do this without being bogged down by abusers.

And the best thing of all that happens is that you now can love more, laugh more, be the real “you” more. And that is what the world needed all along – you. The you that you were born to be. Happy, smiling, enjoying life. If you are being abused, do what you can to get out of it. Remember, you are worth it and the world needs you – the real you!

- By, Connie Webb


Posted by: namesconnie | November 25, 2013

Life’s Pleasures

Snuggling pets bring bliss

Great music brings contentment

Good books bring comfort.

- Connie Webb 11/24/13

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