Posted by: namesconnie | January 21, 2014

Powerless and Noticing the Good Things on the Planet


It is tough being powerless. Powerless over the weather, the wars, the violence that happens on the planet. Powerless over hunger, poverty and homelessness. Being powerless really can make me feel so hopeless.

I know I am powerless over many things, but I would like to think about some of the things I am not powerless over, at the current moment anyhow.

I am not powerless over noticing the good things on the planet. There are many kind people, helping folks who lend a hand to the homeless, the courageous people who take on even dangerous jobs like being a fireman or a policeman.

There are people who volunteer their time at soup kitchens to feed the less fortunate. There are people who promote peace instead of violence. There are many peacemaking types of people on the planet. There are many counselors and therapists who offer a helping hand to those who need it. Many fine doctors and psychiatrists devoted to helping people enjoy good physical and emotional health.

Lots of us may be powerless over many things, but if we take the time to notice the good things on the planet, I think our powerlessness will not be so in the upfront of our minds.

I like to notice the smile of a friendly person, the hug from a friend, the pretty bird singing nearby, the green in the trees, the vibrant colors of the flowers, and the many other wonders of nature.

Our earth provides us with many positive experiences if we take the time to notice them. Yes, we have many pains that many of us face, but we also have many joys if we choose to see them.

I live in California and we do have a drought now, but I can still turn on my faucet and get a drink of water. I can still take a quick shower. I am grateful for that. For today, things are okay. I don’t want to dwell in future tripping of how dire things can get. Instead, for today I do have the things I need.

I am grateful for the rental home I live in, for my two loving adult kids, for my funny cat, for the friends I have and for some of my relatives who are kind and loving toward me. Yes, I do have some relatives who are not in touch, but I can still think loving thoughts their way. I know that I do not have every single factor in my life exactly the way I would like it to be, but I do have “enough” factors that make me very happy to be alive to enjoy this one life I have.

Next time I feel powerless about another news story or another negative thing or condition, I am going to keep remembering to notice all the other good things on the planet and I think that will help me to feel much more hopeful instead of hopeless. Noticing the good is a much better way for me to truly experience a life worth living.

Writing and Photo Collage Photos By, Connie Webb 1/20/14


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